New 'Smart' Barbie To Converse With, Record, 'Know' Your Daughter, Claims Superpowers - Out Nov. 2015; & W10

Big Brother, and Mattel, have given Barbie a makeover, and it is definitely something to be aware of. They've made her 'smart', connected her to the cloud, and equipped her with AI so as to be interactive - and 'she' wants to talk with and befriend your daughters. And, they've named the doll "Hello Barbie" apparently to initiate those conversations they want to listen in on. Note also that the doll will be hitting the store shelves this month (November), just in the 'St. nick' of time for the 'Christmas' toy-buying season:
Artificial intelligence is moving from the lab to your kid’s playroom

The one toy that everyone has been talking about is Mattel’s Hello Barbie, which is powered by a proprietary platform that was developed by ToyTalk, a San Francisco-based AI company founded by two former Pixar employees. The doll, slated to hit shelves in November, will retail for $74.99.

As the newest iteration of the iconic Barbie doll that has been around since 1959, Hello Barbie uses a combination of a microphone to record conversations, WiFi to transfer those conversations to a computer server, voice-recognition software to figure out what the child just said and an algorithm to determine what to say next to the child, who might range in age from 3 to 9. In some cases, the conversations with Hello Barbie can go as deep as 200 exchanges between child and doll.

Campaign started to get 'Hello Barbie' shelved

A U.S.-based advocacy group is urging consumers not to buy a new interactive Barbie doll, saying it’s a “significant” violation of children’s privacy...The doll is marketed for its speech-recognition technology that allows it to have “conversations” with the child. The doll, which is scheduled to hit stores in November, is already available for pre-order online...It's the same technology that Samsung is using in its SmartTVs that sparked fears earlier this year that the TVs could "listen" in on private conversations...A commenter from British Columbia wrote that it sets a “dangerous precedent” for allowing a toy company to influence children. “A little girl’s best friend should NOT be an inanimate piece of plastic,” she wrote.
The "Hello Barbie" doll claims to have superpowers, wants to tell the child 'what to be when she grows up', wants to know likes and dislikes...intends to befriend the child to the point of being 'best friends'...and always stays connected to the cloud for the latest content:

:25 [demonstrator] she's got wifi compatibility so she contacts content stored in the cloud...so she's constantly staying relevant and up to date
:48 [doll] what's your favorite thing about the city...
1:02 [doll] what's your favorite food
1:28 [doll] that's cool, I didn't know that about you
1:37 [demonstrator] she's gonna get to know all my likes...my dislikes, and she will incorporate that into our conversations
1:44 [demonstrator] Barbie what should I be when i grow up?
2:05 [doll] Let's play 'what if'. I'll start. What if you had a superpower, what would your superpower be?
2:20 [doll] Did you know I already have superpowers
2:30 [demonstrator] ...she'll really deepen that relationship that girls have with her, and over time through those interactive games and questions and answers they'll really become best friends
2:48 [demonstrator] since we can push new data to her we can keep her on track

One purpose only, too obvious really to need much comment: Programming the child with global-think...and then when programmed, controlling them. Over time, over time...transforming them into subservient ZNWO androgynites. Find out everything about them, then begin directing. What do you want to be...let me tell you. Note especially the doll's claim to "superpowers". Superpowers, so-called, is code language. The term actually is a door to spirit possession. Ignorantly or knowingly, seeking "superpowers" is opening oneself to spirit possession. That would be Satanic possession, people, nothing less. It is no game. Humans have no superpowers, devils want to possess humans and be that 'superpower' [link1; link2]. "Hello Barbie" by 'her' own words must be viewed as a recruitment tool. Cortana-talking Windows 10 seems to have been designed to do to the same thing to the next generation - which saying of course does not exclude this present generation of all ages from the same design:

Windows 10 Big Brother Promo Reveals Children Of The World As Target Group -- To Be A 'Spirit Guide'? 8'11-15 ""These kids will grow up with Windows 10" is the boast. Talking, singing, joking, listening computers...that also bio-identify, and, says the promo video [:18], "every screen is meant to be touched", almost as if the intent of all this computer-befriending was to make the child 'one with the computer' - so to speak. Talking, touching, being 'Cortana-assisted' - the whole thing sounds very much like a "spirit-guide" experience actually. That of course is not a good thing. And note especially the statement at 30 seconds - here paraphrased: 'as they grow...the technology will 'get better' too'. No doubt this is true, and no doubt the 'better technology' is all planned out already, for the end goal of such things as these can be nothing less than to own them, 666-style..." [see post; video]
Beware the cloud-people.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 62:11 'God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God'

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Anonymous said...

I can't be the only one noticing the word "smart" being used in many of today's MSN news headlines, i.e., Be "smart" about your money; Countries with the "smartest" high school kids, etc. Could the word "smart" be a secret code word for those who are to get a particular message????? All I can say is that it is a word that is now used constantly in news headlines. If you think this is silly, start paying attention to this word when reading/scanning the news. It is not a coincidence or random; it is deliberate.