Cabalist Numerology Extravaganza 2010 Chilean Mine Saga Made Into Movie: "The 33" Released 'Friday The 13th' (Nov.)

Five years ago the world witnessed the 69 day (as-above-so-below) saga of the 33 Chilean miners. While the event of course is purported to be genuine, as opposed to engineered, the evidential Cabalist-numerology surrounding the event start to finish, as well some other pertinent details, have to make relegating the incident to pure chance very highly improbable, if not flat out impossible. This was the subject of the 2010 post linked below titled "October 2010 Chilean Mine Incident An As-Above-So-Below Cabalist Numerology Extravaganza" [excerpted below].

Never mind all that though because the event has now been made into a full length Hollywood movie, the 'true story' coming to the big screen. Titled "The 33" it is to be released tomorrow November 13, 2015 i.e. Friday the 13th:

Youtube: [excerpted from official trailer synopsis] "From Alcon Entertainment and Phoenix Pictures comes the unforgettable true story of “The 33”...In 2010, the eyes of the world turned to Chile, where 33 miners had been buried alive by the catastrophic explosion and collapse of a 100-year-old gold and copper mine. Over the next 69 days, an international team worked night and day in a desperate attempt to rescue the trapped men as their families and friends, as well as millions of people globally waited and watched anxiously for any sign of hope....A presentation of Alcon Entertainment and Phoenix Pictures, “The 33” is slated to open on November 13, 2015..."

Official trailer

Excerpted from original October 2010 post: October 2010 Chilean Mine Incident An As-Above-So-Below Cabalist Numerology Extravaganza "'There were were 33 miners trapped deep underground in northern Chile; it took 33 days to drill into the group to reach them...the rescue shaft with a diameter of 66 centimeters, which is 33 times two...began on October 13, 2010 -- which can be written 13/10/10 -- adding up to 33, a fact pointed out by President Sebastian Pinera'...Others call attention to the first note the miners sent up to show they were still alive -- "estamos bien en el refugio los 33" (all 33 of us are in the shelter) -- which was 33 characters in length. -- The god of this world is Satan. His minions not only believe in numerology but practice it religiously. Numerology and symbology, to them, is always used to send a message. Before the eyes of the entire world in this instance. This event is so drenched in both that it must be construed as a very strong "as above so below" signal. Having said that, the message is nothing that we do not already know, that being basically an enactment of the 'arrival' of the NWO, and here's the crazy part of it though...the coming out of the "abyss" [KJV- 'deep; bottomless pit'] of the demonic hordes that have been imprisoned there for ages, which the Word of God alludes to as happening during the period of time known as the tribulation....

For starters, the 69 days in the bowels of the earth - the 6 and 9 symbolizing heaven and earth joining together [as-above-so-below], and the full number of 69 days completed symbolizing the fulfillment of the occult plan,

...the masonic high number 33 repeatedly throughout, which is the signature of ownership,
...the depth of the 'pit' being the number of death - 23,
...a 'resurrection' of those coming up out of that '23' hundred ft. deep pit, symbolizing the fallen angels coming up out of the pit of death, the abyss,
...and doing so while riding in the 'phoenix', symbolizing the arrival of the 'novus ordo seclorum'...the new order of the ages...the Luciferian kingdom.

Simply put, the symbology in this is amazing. It has everything. All the parts make a complete whole to send an unmistakable message. Can you see it? [see full post]


2010 Chilean mine event a "miraculous true story"? Note first that it is a "Phoenix" production, which it just so happened was also the name of the rescue craft in the mine saga; also the obligatory eye-of Horus in the trailer (couple times at least); the '13' release date another Cabalist numerology favorite - with extra-added-value no doubt in this instance the release date being 'Friday the 13th'; and of course the evil-sacred #33 getting massive air-time and public over-exposure. And then there's the giant rock, pictured middle right, bigger than two Empire State buildings, that 'shifted' and caused the whole thing - with the result being the impossibly coincidental numerology and a very overt little hidden-message about fallen angels coming up out of the bottomless pit in the 'phoenix'. Really, it was the big rock.

And now Chile 2010 is a movie. Does it mean they are now 'invoking' the hidden message of the original production? Something. Be aware.

Rev. 18:4
Rev. 18:21, 23b 'And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all....for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived' (ZNWO)


John Cole said...

Another suspicious event that took place in 2010 was this missile launch. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/mystery-missile-launch-seen-off-calif-coast/

And just recently we had 2 more launches, the second one being 5 years to the day from the 2010 event.

Christsfreeservnt said...

Interesting that the terrorist attacks in France also took place on Friday, the 13th.

John Cole said...

France Phone Code: 33

Paris Area Code: 1

Paris Dial Code: +33 1


Anonymous said...

I believe it was the 14th of October in France, not the 13th when this occurred. Europe is on a different time zone.

tom m. said...

To anon (directly above)

It was Friday night (13th) local time 9:20 pm in Paris when the ordo-ab-chao commenced

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. Thank you.