"Evangelical" News Conference In 'Santa Barbara' 6-5-14: Call Churches To "Immediately" Adopt NWO Psych-Agenda

Follow up on: 'Santa Barbara' An As-Above-So-Below Antichrist Ritual? Exactly 666 Days After 2012 Olympics Opening; & Aurora 5-30-14 "...there are only two options: a person either believes it is all just as he is told, or he steps back and uses some critical thinking...this latest incident...it should be remarked, really has to be one of the most ludicrous psyop scripts ever tried..." [see post]
Evangelical Leaders to Hold News Conference in Isla Vista, CA

ISLA VISTA, Calif., June 4, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- Reverends Rob Schenck and Patrick Mahoney of the Washington, DC based National Clergy Council will hold a news conference in Isla Vista, California tomorrow morning, Thursday, June 5, 2014 to address the role of clergy in finding solutions to mass violence. The two will urge pastors, chaplains, and other church leaders to immediately work with community leaders, law enforcement officials, and politicians to find and implement solutions to this nationwide crisis. Rev. Schenck will also offer a critique of the role of the NRA in this debate.


News conference with representatives of National Clergy Council, Revds Rob Schenck and Patrick Mahoney

Thursday, June 5, 2014, 11:00 AM

In front of the Wall of Remembrance, Isla Vista, CA

More specific details at this link: Evangelical Leaders to Call for Action After California Mass Shooting

re: 'finding...implement solutions...nationwide crisis'

Problem reaction solution...also known as ordo ab chao. That that is the exact reality of this situation is...overtly obvious. Another 'chaos' just happens to happen, and immediately, the 'solution' is put forth - which just so happens to be another major ZWO-agenda item, which it must also be noticed, must 'immediately' be implemented - because of what is now, we are told, a "nationwide crisis" (chao) of "mass violence". Not to mention either that the solution being essentially demanded here, namely...that "pastors, chaplains, and other church leaders...immediately work with community leaders, law enforcement officials, and politicians" is, for all intents and 'purposes', the exact Brave New World psych-control agenda being foisted on the church-world by Purpose-Driver Rick Warren and friends, as unveiled at their recent "historic" conference:

1 In 4 Adults Have "Critical" Mental Issues, Say Rick Warren, Catholics, Psychs At "Historic" Conference 3-28-14 "...right there. The whole thing in just five words. "Integrating physical, spiritual and mental"...which it is not difficult to see how this is really only useful in order to acquire control of individuals. There can be no other "purpose-driven" purpose for it. This is the dark reality of pseudo-kristian cabalist-globalist go-fer Rick Warren's newest endeavor, which it should be noted, is being called "historic"...It does not get any more Orwellian. And again, the true intent is pathetically obvious - forcing mental screening and an overall so-called integration program upon all of society, i.e total control of the individual...Note also that this event was only "the first initiative"...[see post; follow links, connect dots]

Santa Barbara? - psyop or no psyop?

How much more plain can it be? Ready made to order news, i.e custom-fit, aka fiction - it really is so much easier that way.

Bottom line is that the psych-agendites are swarming from absolutely every direction now. Still attending church in Laodicea? They're coming for you there too, full force. Be alerted.
 Rev. 18:4
Ps.127:1 'Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it'  [zwo - false zion]

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