6-12-14 Phoenix-Catholic "Shooting": Last Rites...Of Catholicism? (And Daily Gun-Psyops Really About Psych-Screening)

Police Hunt For Gunman Who Killed Phoenix Priest, Wounded Another 6-12-14
Phoenix police continued hunting Thursday for at least one suspect who fatally shot one priest and critically injured another in a Catholic church rectory The church had no surveillance cameras, but police said they are reviewing "strong physical evidence" and canvassing the neighborhood for tips to help identify a suspect or suspects...Before Walker's death, Terra was able to absolve him of his sins and offer his last rites as part of Catholic tradition, said Fr. Fred Adamson of the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.
Another so-called random shooting today [6-12-14], this one in "Phoenix". Note that it was Catholic Church related, and those paying attention are very aware that the Catholic Church is currently undergoing a major deconstruction/phoenix-rebirth transformation under fake 'false prophet' Bergolio-Francis [link]. Fitting that story line perfectly note that it is reported that one priest gives the other his "last rites" before expiring. Understanding the depth of the 'Francis-transformation' that Catholicism is now being subjected to, seems almost as if this last rites ceremony could be seen as another as-above-so-below ritual, symbolic of the performing of the "last rites" of the Catholic Church, especially considering the events of Sunday June 8, 2014 with the first time in history Muslim, Jewish, Catholic one-world-religion prayer at the Vatican [link]. And as for the "absolving of sins", the 1600 plus year history of the Catholic Church, as is well known by any who have ever looked into it, is filled with, to put it succinctly, overmuch wretchedness. To "absolve" it when finished with it does seem very kabalistic-ritualistic appropriate. Or, is it all coincidence? - Far too coincidental to be.

 One more curious thing worth noting: The name Adamson appears in the story. The name 'Adam' means man. To the Kabalist the name Adam essentially signifies man perfected, or deified. Adam son, or, son of Adam, can be understood as a reference to Antichrist, the Satan possessed human, i.e. man at his highest attainment. Adamson of Phoenix? 
Just noticing; see: Adam Lanza ('lands' - Luke 10:18)

At any rate, the article/post below is reposted from a year and a half back. Published shortly after Sandy Hook, it made very clear that there is actually a much bigger "solution" that the ZWO Big Brother-ites are sighting in their 'scopes' than just some new gun laws to keep guns out of the hands of the so-called 'mentally unstable'. Restrictions on gun rights aside for the moment, the far more immediate goal is to force the intrusive NWO psych-agenda on the entire population. Obviously it will not be possible to identify the "unstable" without "mental screens" for all. Unquestionably, this truly is the ultimate "solution" the would-be serf-management teams are 'aiming' at with what has now, in 2014, become an ordo-ab-chao gun-psycho-psyop crescendo.

With 'randoms' (being staged) now virtually daily [link], it is nearly impossible to keep up. But seeing through it all is simple, and crucial, so as not to be reduced to living in a lie [Eph. 6:14].

Psych-screening gives control over the individual. That is the primary goal. Recommend remembering that 'everytime':


Reposted from 1-7-13: 'Mental Health America' Asks Congress For Forced Psychological Screenings; re: Aurora, Sandy Hook, Etc.

Mental Health America Calls for National Action in Response to Newtown Tragedy

[excerpted] Mental Health America today called on President Obama and Congress to take action in response to the Newtown tragedy by identifying and implementing solutions that expand the capacity and capabilities of the nation's mental health programs and services...In letters to the President and Members of Congress, the organization said it stands ready to work with policymakers and recommends that the Workgroup headed by Vice President Joe Biden consult with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA*), mental health and addictions experts, and those with "lived" experience in this discussion...To begin a sustained recovery, Mental Health America (MHA) recommends Federal support and assistance to:

-- Restore the $4.6 billion for community mental health and addiction services:

-- Order the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity Law: ...Mental health and substance abuse services must be fully integrated with quality medical care.

-- Create a public education, training, and screening campaign on mental illness and addictions and emphasize the value of treatment...Adding Mental Health First Aid, Emotional CPR to trainings for students, parents, teachers, employers, and community groups will help us all become more proficient in recognizing issues and supporting each other to get help. We must teach people that recovery from mental illnesses or addictions is possible. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends routine mental health checkups for all adolescents and the Society of Adolescent Medicine supports early identification of mental illness as a critical standard of care.

-- Enact the Mental Health in Schools Act (HR 750 in 112th Congress): Research has demonstrated that prevention and early intervention strategies strengthen children's and families' mental health and resiliency, prevent or lessen the burden of illness, and help with the recovery from trauma. Further, teachers must be prepared to partner with parents and other caregivers on how to identify emotionally disturbed children early and to guide them into appropriate assessment, intervention, and support services. Enacting the Mental Health in Schools Act is a step in the right direction and should be followed by appropriate legislation for intervening with children from zero to five years of age.

"The Newtown Tragedy and the overall gun violence in our society, call all of us to work as one to create lasting solutions that include mental wellness.

re: 'implementing solutions....screening...early intervention....identify....zero to five years of age'

Gun control is for the most part getting all the attention, but an even darker and more sinister goal of the hydra-headed novus ordo seclorum monster is also showing it's ugly menacing face in the wake of this recent climax of back to back to back population-control implementation productions playing out of late at political rallies (Gabby Giffords), theatres (Aurora), malls (Oregon), and schools (Sandy Hook). Productions? What else can they be? Exactly how bad does the situation have to 'appear' to be in order to justify forced psychological screenings on "all adolescents", along with "public education" for all, and "early intervention strategies", even for children from birth to five years old? - exactly, it must be noted, what the NWO agenda calls for.

Answer: precisely how it 'appears' to be now, which is, in a word, desperate, and which has, of course, only been made possible by "the Newtown tragedy and the overall gun violence in our society", to quote the above article. One "gun violence" episode after another after another, until this point has been reached. Illusory ordo ab chao at it's finest.

They want the children first, and they want them now. Full control from birth. The intent can be nothing less than to program them, to force the new-order servitude belief system into their little heads, and to 'reeducate' the original-thinkers in the group. Doubtless, the agenda is not to be limited to school children, note the second clause above which states that "mental health...services must be fully integrated with quality health care". This can only mean forced "mental health" screenings eventually for all who have been 'mandated' into the so-called Obamacare system - which is everybody. Get them under the bright lights with a shiny object swinging back and forth before their eyes - 'you vill comply with the beast, citizen, and you vill like it...'

They've taken their gloves off now. Be absolutely aware. Rev. 18:4
see all: NWO forced psych evals

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Anonymous said...

Could be, (last rites for RCC), it has to morph into something else for "unity"'s sake . . . Could be signaling last rites for traditional Christianity, too. Interesting to note that in September 2011 Pope Ratzinger while visiting Lutheran church in Germany, stated his "fear" of evangelical christians, that they are "dangerous", or something to that effect. Anyway, in the mythos of the phoenix, doesn't it live for 500 years? Then it dies and comes back from the ASHES as something else? 500 year anniversary of Reformation coming up in 2017. Just observing.