American Airlines - U.S. Airways Merge Final: NWO Air Monopoly One (Big) Step Closer

No fare hike if...: CEO of new American Airlines

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker on the question of even more 'mergers' in the future:
"...you never know in this business what comes next...but for right now we're happy"
[photo is a screenshot from video posted with the article; quote is at :01]
Now that American Airlines and US Airways have completed their merger to become the nation's largest air carrier, it's hard to say whether the industry consolidation trend will take a pause, CEO Doug Parker told CNBC on Monday.

He also promised that fares won't rise "as long as demand stays the same."

This post is a follow up on: NWO Air-Travel Control System In Place? American Airlines, US Airways to Join In Last 'Mega-Merger' 2-14-13

"'Bankrupt American Airlines and its dogged suitor, US Airways, announced a merger Thursday that would create the world’s largest air carrier and put 86 percent of domestic air travel in the hands of four big airlines...Described as the last airline mega-merger in a decade of consolidation' - The four remaining in the U.S. are American, United, Delta and Southwest.

Interesting to note here that American is already part of an international alliance called "Oneworld" [link]. If you fly American you will notice the 'Oneworld' logo as you board the plane. If this is the last merger, then what the would-be global masters are in effect saying is that their worldwide air-travel control system is now in place. A one world 'consolidated airline system' for a one world global management system. Absolute control over the travel of all global citizens' is the ultimate end to be achieved with this now consolidated system. It should be noted that in the planned global system, Agenda 21 so-called, 'global citizens' will not have the freedom to come and go as they please. Global citizens are to be compliant and abide quietly in their "sustainable communities" - because you certainly cannot be allowed to go around messing up the environment with your messy carbon-footprints now can you?" [Some of the consolidation history - see post]

When this American Airlines - U.S. Airways merger was first proposed earlier this year, it was stated that it would be "the last mega merger in a decade of consolidation" [see 'follow up' above]. As seen here, as of today, with the 'merge' now officially accomplished, that little 'detail' has already been scrubbed. Suddenly it has become "well...you never know what comes next".

Never know what comes next? "It's hard to say"? On the contrary, it is very easy to see what will come next. There is only thing that can come next. American Airlines already has a 5-airline international alliance called "Oneworld" [link above], and today's merge is just one more step, and a very large one, toward the one only final objective of a single airline for the entire world. A true "oneworld" absolute global-travel control system. Who flys where, when, if. Can't have a global dictatorship without that, can they?

What will one-world government look like? It will look like this. You will definitely be affected in your future travel plans. Be aware now.

Rev. 18:4

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