Engineered Floods? North Dakota Flood Nuclear Plant Crisis Playing Into 'Global Nuclear Phase Out'

Follow up on: Fukushima Causes Beginning Of NWO's Global "Nuclear Phase Out": Italy Opts In 6-18-11 "Solar and wind baby, remember? ...The non-elite classes are to become slaves of the would-be masters of humanity, literally owned and kept in little green cages with no more than a wind turbine and a solar panel allocated to each (and no car - ride the rail). Sounds ludicrous but it is not at all far from the truth. "Sustainability" is not your friend." [see post]
Nuclear flood threat: 1100 troops, 25,000 homes flooded, NRC chief onsite

Upstream of two nuclear power plants operating at heightened alert, biblical proportion flooding is has resulted in as many as 4,500 families to lose their homes in North Dakota, 25,000 homes filling with water, patrol boats responding to 911 calls, and 1100 activated National Guardsmen onsite to help. An Air Force base, overseeing 150 Minuteman III missiles in underground launch silos over 8,500 square miles, is partially under water according to CBS News on Saturday. Downstream are Nebraska's two atomic plants causing national and international dismay plus reason for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission chief to arrive on the scene today.

Some compare the one of the two U.S. nuclear power plants threatened by floodwaters to Fukushima not only due to the water. Both Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station and Fukushima are storehouses for years of spent nuclear fuel rods, a danger highlighted by some news sources, the International International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, and other watchdog groups.

The flooding in the nuclear facility sites' areas is expected to remain problematic throughout the summer. AP reported Thursday that the Army Corps of Engineers has been releasing dam water upstream of the nuclear stations after heavy rain and snow melt. "Water releases at the Gavins Point Dam in South Dakota hit 160,000 cubic feet of water per second Thursday, and the corps plans to continue releasing water at that rate until at least August." (AP)

Scientific America reported Friday that, despite calls to shutter the U.S. nuclear program, President Obama remains supportive of the industry, contrary to his stated position opposing it before elected. In Friday's report, Karl Grossman wrote:

"Indeed, if policymakers were able to divert the hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies to the U.S. nuclear industry every year to solar, wind and geothermal developers, there is no telling how quickly we could innovate our way to sustainable non-polluting energy independence and put the specter of nuclear power that much further in our rearview mirror."
re: "nuclear power....in our rearview mirror"

Not too long ago tsunamis, erupting volcanoes, massive earthquakes, and floods of "biblical proportions" were all fairly rare occurrences. But that was then...this is now. Suddenly, in these bizarre days, they all somehow seem to have become rather normative. The newest addition to this list of unusual events that have become strangely commonplace will now be the "nuclear-plant crisis", as demonstrated by this developing 'event' in North Dakota, coming right on the heels of Fukushima.

Amazing, perhaps, to some, but beyond the possibility of chance to others is the way in which this North Dakota 'nuke-plant-endangering' flood is lending itself perfectly to the advancement of the population-controlling global green agenda...which agenda is clearly delineated in the quote by Karl Grossman of 'Scientific America' in the above posted article - "solar, wind, and geothermal" [baby].

And this North Dakota/Nebraska dramatic little production has only just begun. The 'dangerous crisis' will "remain problematic throughout the summer", John Q. Public has been told. Once again..how convenient. Also noteworthy is the deployment of the National Guard. Sounds like martial law.

Expect to see nuclear-plant catastrophes one after another. And understand what the loss of relatively cheap abundant electricity, which is what nuclear plants provide for much of the earth's populations, signifies. It signifies clearly that the very late-stage development of the globalist plan for totalitarian control of the planet by way of the great green scam [here] is on...big time. "Going green" is not a good thing. Get informed...the time is growing shorter by the day.


Rev. 18:4
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