Cedar Falls Iowa Update: Private Property Key Grab Passed, Awaits Mayor's Signature

Update on: City Council Of Cedar Falls Iowa Wants Keys To Private Properties 6-11-11 "It also demonstrates clearly the all-pervasiveness of control that the NWO-ers have now achieved throughout every level of government in the USA - for certainly nobody could dream up this stuff on their own and then actually convince five other so-called right-minded city council members to go along with it."
Iowa City's Ordinance Making Apartment Keys Available to Emergency Crews Faces Backlash

An Iowa city has passed an ordinance requiring hundreds of commercial buildings and apartment complexes to literally leave the keys outside in case of an emergency, allowing quicker access to first responders but potentially to those up to no good, as well.

The Cedar Falls City Council voted 6-1 on Monday to expand an existing 2004 ordinance that required lock boxes containing keys at buildings with six or more units and commercial buildings with sprinkler system or unsupervised alarms. The new ordinance, which can become law with a signature by Mayor Jon Crews, expands the requirement to apartment buildings with just three or more units.

Council member Frank Darrah, who voted in support of the ordinance...said the mayor told him that he is considering a task force to analyze the issue further before signing it into law, as well as taking a look at other cities nearby -- like Waterloo -- that have similar legislation.

re: 'expands...other cities'

Although officially passed by the Iowa city council this creeping totalitarian big brother 'expansion' still awaits the mayor's signature. But what is that about similar legislation in other cities? Sounds a bit like a conspiracy, does it not?

Self appointed dangerously deluded would-be masters of mankind. They're not coming, they're here. Who is on the Lord's side? Ex. 32:26

stay tuned
Rev. 18:4

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