London 2012 Olympics Unveil Two All-Seeing 'Eye Of Horus' Mascots To Go Along With Zionist Logo

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Do Zionism and 'Horus' go together?

When two strange looking "all seeing eye of Horus" creatures are chosen as mascots for the London 2012 Olympics, and the official logo for the 2012 Olympics [see below] appears to be a thinly veiled announcement of the near completion of the Zionist goal of world domination, what are we to think? Or, is it pure coincidence that these things seem to be full of 'hidden' symbolism - which if the truth be told - is rather obvious in this case?

Take a look for yourself. With the London games a full two years away, the intention at this point is to simply draw attention to these very interesting curiosities. Undoubtedly this subject will come up again. With that just a few comments will be made at this time. Make of it what you will:

First...the recently revealed London 2012 Olympic Games "mascots":

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"...organizers of the 2012 Games in London on Wednesday introduced their Olympic mascots to the world...Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, one-eyed creatures immediately dubbed "patronizing rubbish" by design experts in Britain...Wenlock and Mandeville both have one large eye, representing a camera lens so they can record what they see. From: World unites online against London's Olympic mascots

Note that the single eye of these bizarre alien-like creations are said to look like "a camera lens so they can record what they see". Is that a sly admission of a blatant connection to the Satanic symbol of the "all-seeing eye of Horus"...like the one on the back of the U.S. dollar bill [here]?

Also, the creepy-critter on the left is sporting the 2012 logo on his chest, and has a pyramid shape on his head with a "W" in the center which truly does look strangely similar to the dollar bill's all seeing eye/pyramid symbolism of the "novus ordo seclorum" [new order of the ages].
Second, the 2012 logo, which was actually first revealed back in 2007. Note that the logo, if read vertically rather than horizontally and/or the pieces shuffled a bit, the 'hidden' message seems to be made quite clear:

If this is a "coincidence", it is certainly a very strange and unlikely one, to say the least...
Are there any connections here with the 2012 Olympic mascots and logo?

Do Zionism and 'Horus' go together?


Are the would-be world conquering Zionists kabbalists?

...Is Kabbalism sorcery, i.e. Satanic?

...Is the Zionist-NWO's coming messiah/Antichrist-god represented by the Satanic symbol of the all-seeing 'eye of Horus' the sun-god?

...Is the pope Catholic?

Is there a message being sent? Is 2012 the scheduled year to 'close the deal'? Again, just drawing attention to these oddities at this point. Make of it what you will. REV. 18:4

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"...the infamous mascots Wenlock and Mandeville. Turns out that their all-seeing eyes are not the only sinister thing about them...turns out that the names Wenlock and Mandeville contain a secret message...Unhidden and exposed to the light of day their names say this: 'we unlock man devil'.
'Therefore thus saith the LORD of hosts...from the prophets of Jerusalem is profaneness gone forth into all the land. [Jeremiah 23:15]