'Stolen Election 2020' Scripted Narrative Increasing By The Day - Real Purpose 'Kraken' [Flashback] The USA  (Vid)

Kraken Flashback - Scripted 'Stolen Election 2020' Still Playing Out July 2021

That phrase "release the kraken" was first used in reference to the "stolen election" of 2020. Lawyer Sydney Powell vowed to "release the Kraken" against the perpetrators of the 2020 'stolen election' [see below video]. Not many realize 'Stolen Election 2020' was/is actually a fully scripted production of the Zio-Globalist Production Co. and that this particular production is not over. In fact, the way it is being managed - made to play out that is - things could begin to snowball before too long. Arizona 'audit results' pending anytime may shake the foundation, Pennsylvania and Georgia supposedly both in the beginning stages for an audit, Michigan, others, a lot of rumbling noises, providing cinematic effects - all of it just as scripted. And so the stage is set for the biggest show ever seen. That show would be literally the breakup of the USA. Note: The 'breakup' of the USA would mean that there would actually be some very real 'kraken' (cracking). Only thing the victims of it would not be any fake 'deep state' supposed election stealers - the only victims of it would be 'we the people':

Kraken Flashback 12-26-20: Canada 'Released The Kraken' Feb. 2020 [Coin] - Just Before WHO Global Pandemic Declaration 3-11-20 - Leviathan Ritual  "A brand new coin series "Creatures of the North", the very first coin of [a] new series released late February 2020. And the very first creature featured on the very first coin just so happened to be the 'Kraken', the sea-beast that wreaks havoc on the people of the world. Interesting timing, considering that a few weeks later 3-11-20 WHO declared 'Corona' a global pandemic..." [see post; below vid is from from post:]


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So is the 'Stolen Election 2020' Kraken-Plan actually going to still happen? The literal 'cracking' of the USA into pieces? Can only watch at this point - but if not then that would mean that this whole thing has been nothing more than a massive bluff. But then the question would be what possible reason would there be for such an elaborate bluff. Hard to think of one. And the snowball does always start off small and moving slowly when still at the top of the hill. The takeaway at this point July 2021 is to stay continually informed. What potentially may be about to 'go down' is as massively-huge as it gets - which things were the subject of this very recent 6-14-21 post:

6-14-21  Stolen Election 'The Script' Still Playing Out - AZ Audit Done 1st State: Breakup Of USA The Agenda; Trump Birthday; WWIII; 'Deep State' "A massive agenda. A monumental agenda like nothing anybody now alive on this planet has ever seen. It is "Stolen Election 2020". The purpose of this biggest-of-all-time agenda is nothing less than the actual breakup of the USA. Even of those relatively-few who are aware that 'Stolen-Election 2020' is not-over but still being played-out, the majority of these do not understand that the entire thing is a scripted production - and that the true purpose is literally the breakup of the United States of America..."  [see post]

'Kraken' Released February 2020 - Wreaking Havoc Ever Since

Rev. 18:4
update 7-15-21: 7-15-21 AZ Releases 1st 'Stolen Election' Audit Results Showing Clear Fraud - And So It Begins - 'Kraken' Script
Isaiah 27:1 'In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea'

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