H.Res.116 To Increase Recommended Daily Dosage 'Vit D' Cholecalciferol Rat Poison By 10x - High Dosing 'The Herd'

Vit D Gets Nod From Congress

Congressman Glenn Grotham (R-WI) has introduced a House Resolution to “recognize the significant role vitamin D may play in the fight against COVID-19" [govtrack 2-11-21]. If passed, the resolution will encourage official recognition of vitamin D as effective in preventing serious COVID-19 infection.

Rep. Grotham’s press release cites, among other evidence, an initiative from an international alliance of researchers and doctors calling on governments to raise the daily recommended intake of vitamin D from 400 IU to 4,000 IU [10x - ed.] to reduce the severity of COVID-19.

Many in the natural health community have long understood the importance of vitamin D for preventing serious COVID-19 cases. Studies have shown that vitamin D deficiency is strongly correlated to COVID-19 mortality.

Bill 116 [911] in the 117th - CDC and FDA to push high-dose chemical cholecalciferol

Above a follow up on this 5-14-20 post: "Vitamin D" Hyped As 'Covid' Treatment - But Vitamin D Is Fake .. It Is Rat Poison 'Cholecalciferol' From A Lab 5-14-20 "Fake vitamin for fake virus. Something wrong in Houston - yes it appears that 'we' definitely have a problem. Another of many - oh boy. In this case it is the issue raised in the below article - i.e. pushing so-called "Vitamin D" as a potential life-saving treatment for "covid-19". Numerous articles on this same subject have been published of late. No doubt this will increase --- Vitamin D is not really a vitamin,” wrote scientists for the New England Journal of Medicine... For something to be a vitamin, it should provide the body with an essential nutrient that it cannot make on its own, but requires for survival. Since synthetic vitamin D is a drug, foreign to the body, and not required for survival, it’s technically a fraud – an impostor posing as a vitamin. But this biological ruse proves to be devastating to the body over time..." [see full post]
House resolution 116 in the 117th Congress asking the CDC and the FDA to increase the recommended daily requirement of the man-made fake-vitamin 'D' chemical substance named cholecalciferol by 10x from 400 IU To 4000 IU. Corona-psyop the greatest medical-authoritarianism hoax in the history of mankind is being used to accomplish many agendas but making a government decree to 'high-dose the herds [see: herd] with cholecalciferol' has to be one of the strangest. Increasing the dose by 10x as is being called for with H.Res.116 make no mistake is 'high-dosing'. Cholecalciferol is not a vitamin. Sunshine is not a vitamin. Cholecalciferol is not natural. Cholecalciferol kills rats.

Note also in passing curious numerology: bill is #116 in the 117th Congress. 116 can be a hidden 911. What to make of it? Who cares really at this point why bother taking the time to decode more kabbala-darkness. Everything done is by numerology, numerology is sorcery, what more does one need to know - they want to force feed the populations of the world with high-doses of their mystery chemical cholecalciferol. And they want this very badly.

Eater of cholecalciferol? - recommend reading above 'follow up' 5-14-20 linked post very carefully. Note also from above posted article this D-push is backed by an "international alliance" - meaning it is only going to get bigger and louder and will be non-ending. One more thing - if you see rats eat something and die...might want to think twice (some maybe even thrice) before eating it yourself.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 10:2 'The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined'

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