Amazon Introduces "Alexa For Residential" For Landlords To Wire Rental Properties - 'The Walls Have Ears' 1969 Land Of The Giants

Not interested in bringing Alexa into your house? That's OK, Amazon's working with your LANDLORD now

[excerpted] Amazon has rolled out a whole-building version of its Alexa AI voice assistant for landlords, billing ‘Alexa for Residential’ as extending smart-home functionality to renters – tenants’ consent apparently not required.

The e-commerce giant announced Alexa for Residential on Thursday [9-3-20], describing it as a feature “that makes having an Alexa-enabled home accessible for anyone, regardless of whether they rent or own their home.” Tenants can link up their own Amazon account, but if they don't have one, no problem – they'll be placed on the building's system.

Landlords, Amazon explains, will have the option to provide “custom voice experiences for their residents,” which could easily translate to charging a higher rent for the ability to submit maintenance requests, reserve amenities like laundry or gym time, pay their rent, and so on using the AI device.

The company reassured potential users for whom this sounds like a techno-dystopian nightmare that landlords who sign up for the building-wide service won't be able to access data from individual tenants, and all voice recordings will be deleted on a daily basis.

Of course, Amazon has promised strict privacy controls before, only for it to emerge that ...‘deleted’ recordings were actually still lurking on Amazon's servers, and private recordings were being sent to strangers on the other side of the world. Alexa devices have also been hauled into court as evidence in criminal cases.

Amazon already has existing agreements with vacation properties via RedAwning.com and with hotels via Alexa for Hospitality. Another startup has placed the devices in senior living centers. Soon, it will be difficult to get away from the devices. Alexa for Residential is being debuted by a handful of companies in Annapolis, Maryland; Denver, Colorado; and parts of Florida.


Landlords wiring their rental properties? It doesn't stop here though. This is what 5g is all about. Fifth generation (5g) wireless operates at instantaneous speeds over the entire network and will enable the wiring of literally everything into a central control system to create the planned Agenda21 "smart cities" [link; link2]. Totalitarian control the only goal, this is how it is being done, step by step.

"Alexa for Residential" is literally the coming-to-reality of what was depicted in this 1969 television show i.e. the walls have ears:

Alexa, Smart TV's, etc. - Land of the Giants 1969 "walls have ears"

'Land of the Giants' 2 yr. TV series '68-69 - follows the adventures of a crew from a spaceship that goes through a 'spacewarp' and lands in a dystopian future on a planet of giants and then must evade capture.


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1:50 "under our form of government phones are tapped...the walls have ears"
2:00 "now they think I'm a loyal citizen"

Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 21:7 'The robbery of the wicked shall destroy them; because they refuse to do judgment'

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