A21 Burn Down Is Back: CA Calimesa Fire Started By 'Trash' Burns Trailer Park - Burning The "Trailer Trash" ..Ha Ha Get It?

74 structures destroyed by 500-acre Sandalwood fire in Calimesa

Firefighters try to protect surrounding homes as they battle the Sandalwood fire in the Villa Calimesa Mobile Home Park in Calimesa on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019

A wind-driven brush fire in Calimesa destroyed 73 mobile homes and a park clubhouse, damaged 16 other homes and burned at least 500 acres on Thursday, authorities said.

The so-called Sandalwood fire began after a trash truck carrying burning garbage dumped its load near Sandalwood Drive and Seventh Street, close to the 10 Freeway off-ramp at about 2 p.m., said Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department. It was not clear why the trash was on fire, nor why the truck had dumped the load in the location.

Playing with fire... is that not exactly what is seen here: a trash truck dumps a load of burning trash and burns down 73 mobile homes in a trailer park. Is that supposed to be even remotely believable? Trailer park - "trailer trash" - trailer park burned down by 'trash' - trailer trash-fire - get it? yuk yuk - the sick 'gag' couldn't be any more obvious. Hidden right out there in plain sight as always.

Agenda 21 burn down your town. "Trash fires" don't just start up by chance and then just happen to burn up 'trailer trash' mobile home parks in real life - somebody has to make this stuff up. Same thing last year when the so-called 'Holy fire' burned up a few CA communities:

CA 'Holy Fire' ...Shekinah - Tikkun Olam Unholy; Agenda 21 'Smart-Fire' Burn-Down Program A "Burnt Offering"..? 8-10-18  "'Agenda 21 'smart-fire burn down' disappearing communities around the world...and now comes one 'they' have named the "Holy Fire". Outwardly of course the name is due to the name of the little town named 'Holy Jim', in Holy Jim Canyon, near where the fire is said to have started. Naming it the Holy Fire though here is where the reality is made plain, and that purposely, that to the mysterious global smart-fire engineers ...this is all 'fun and games'. 'Holy fire' to the Kabbalist Jews is what they call the 'Shekinah' [link]. The word is not found in scripture. It comes from the Kabbalah. It to them represents the 'Divine presence' in the tabernacle and elsewhere' --- Burning sacrifices with 'holy fire'. The world is now witnessing the ritual. Burning-up the old-world with shekinah-fire sacrificially as a "burnt offering" to the kabbalah-god - who is the god of this world Satan - to rise his new Antichrist kingdom from the ashes. Tikkun olam [link] it is called..." [see post, videos]

Agenda 21 burn down your town - this agenda has gone full-blown now. Definitely know it - they are telling it themselves.

Rev. 18:4
see also: CA Power Shut Down For 'Fire-Hazard' Is Next Phase Agenda 21: DEW Burn It Down - Force 'Em Out; Flamethrowers - Vid 10-9-19  "[6-10-19]...to make things unlivable in these areas for remaining residents, these residents are and will be subjected to having their power shut off on 'windy days' for "public safety". Wind up power down people maybe you should move..."


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Jeremiah 51:25 'Behold, I am against thee, O destroying mountain*, saith the LORD, which destroyest all the earth: and I will stretch out mine hand upon thee, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will make thee a burnt mountain'  [*ZNWO]

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