'Measles' Psyop: 2019 Indy 500 [5-26-19] Doing Measles Vaccinations ... No-Vaccination No-Entry Phase 1

Indianapolis 500 Officials Offer Measles Vaccines at Sunday’s Race

The racetrack’s medical director says says more than a quarter-million people are expected to attend this weekend’s race.

IndyCar medical director Geoffrey Billows said Thursday a "very limited supply" of vaccines will be available at the medical building near the Indianapolis Motor Speedway museum. He says most insurance companies will cover the cost.

Billows encourages concerned fans to get vaccinated before coming to a race expected to attract in excess of 275,000.

Measles cases have been confirmed in 24 states, and at least 20 cases of mumps, a contagious disease prevented with the same vaccine as the measles, have been reported at Indiana University located about 50 miles from Indianapolis.


Measles vaccinations offered at the 5-26-19 Indy 500? A very telling development in the 'Fake Measles Outbreak/Forced-Vaccine' Psyop currently underway nationwide. As reported in the above article, "confirmed cases in 24 states" as of May 2019 the official story. And so, as we now see, this 'dire situation' is allowing for the next phase of the NWO problem-reaction-solution game to begin. Namely, taking the first steps to making 'large public gatherings' off-limits for the 'unvaccinated'.

The wording of the above article makes this obvious: "Racetrack’s medical director" - he's the expert of course so we must listen to him - encouraging fans to get vaccinated before coming to the venue, because, you know, there will be more than a quarter million people in attendance. And of course you understand that with a huge crowd like that we can't have anybody spreading germs around now can we.

Vaccinations offered on site is the start. It's for the common good, sheeple. You know - 'protecting the herd'. You do understand this do you not.

From there it can go only one direction:

Not vaccinated? - entry denied sheeple.

Could not be any more plain to see. May 2019 be aware.

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 10:2 'The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined'

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