EU Copyright Law Rejected...Well...Actually Sent Back For "More Debate" - ZWO Kingdom Plan Moves Forward Still

Follow up on: Update June 20, 2018: EU Just Passed Totalitarian Internet "Copyright Reform" - 'Final Stage' Next 6-20-18 "According to the above report...the only chance the www has at this point is "the Plenary" where all representatives of the entire EU participate/vote instead of just a 25-member committee as was the case with this so-called Copyright Reform proposal. If...that is...they can get "enough support" for a plenary session...and if...the plenary is not already all insiders anyway..."
EU's controversial copyright law rejected by parliament

A controversial overhaul of the EU's copyright law that sparked a fierce debate between internet giants and content creators has been rejected.

The move was intended to bring the EU's copyright laws in line with the digital age, but led to protests from websites and much debate before it was rejected by a margin of 318-278 in the European Parliament on Thursday.

In the end, MEPs decided the changes needed more debate; and sent the proposals back to the Commission. The two sides will undoubtedly step up their campaigns in the meantime.

BPI Music, which represents UK record labels, had supported the bill and said it would:

"work with MEPs over the next weeks to explain how the proposed directive will benefit not just European creativity, but also internet users".

BPI will "explain" to the MEP's why dictatorial internet control is the greatest idea ever

So the plenary was held...and...the EU copyright reform law was...rejected. Yes...but not so much really. Actually just sent back for "more debate".

More debate? Two steps forward, one step back? Note that the vote, the reported vote, came in at 318-278. How controlled was that vote should it be supposed? Anyway, 318-278 is fairly close. Wouldn't take much to swing that the other way would it - if a few insiders, if there are any of those of course, decided to 'change' their mind?

After the industry 'giants' like BPI (see above) "explain" to the MEP's (members of European Parliament) over the next few weeks exactly how beneficial for all the complete loss of the free and open internet would be - might they be able to change say..20 minds? Just 20 changes of mind from against to in favor would make that vote a tie 298-298. How about then, say, 21 changes of mind? That would then be 'game over'.

And do be sure..it is a game. Everything is a game. The entire world-system now existing is totally gamed. Because the long dreamed for and planned for would-be Jewish-Zionist-kingdom-kome Zwo [link] would never come about any other way.

Stay tuned...

Rev. 18:4
Gen. 3:4-5 'And the serpent said...ye shall be as gods'  [he lied]

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