'Gay' Dialectic Tearing Up Laodicea: SC Baptist Church To Ordain Gay, Trans; And Jakes, Campolo, Houston

First Baptist Church to Ordain Gay, Transgender Ministers

A former Southern Baptist Church has decided all are welcomed in their pulpit, going so far as to ordain gay and transgender ministers.

First Baptist of Greenville, South Carolina—the church home of the first Southern Baptist Convention president—has taken a bold move in "embracing the complexities of gender identity."

"What I heard was, 'We need to do the right thing, regardless* of what anybody thinks or says about us,'" Senior Pastor Jim Dant tells Greenville Online. "There were a few people who said, 'Are they going to start calling us the gay church in town?'"

After a six-month exploratory time, Greenville asked their members to affirm the acceptance of same-sex couples. According to Greenville Online, those who didn't affirm the church's decision still remained in the congregation.

In moving forward, the church ministers can perform same-sex unions and ordain any person, regardless of sexual orientation and lifestyle, to serve in a leadership role.

Mark the occasion...many more churches from all denominations will succumb to the delusion as time goes on. The dialectic is hard at work with the likes of T.D. Jakes, Tony Campolo, Brian Houston and Hillsong Church, just to name some of the more prominent names, each of late creating inroads for the open transition of their various forms of apostate Laodicean Christendom to now come out of the closet, so-to-speak, and be seen of all for what they really are. This incremental (dialectic) acceptance of homosexuality they all are now facilitating is truly just an unveiling of the deeper reality. It is a secondary issue serving to make a greater statement. What this represents is the beginning of an open revelation of their true identity - namely - a part of the global church of deifed man aka antichrist. Man need not answer to God, man is his own god - this is the true belief behind their actions, and make no mistake, this is the message these "wandering stars" of Laodicea [Jude 13] are now beginning to proclaim openly [Psalms 12:4].

Note especially the statement in the above article claiming that those who did not affirm the decision to openly defy the Word of God, as they had been asked to do, remained in the congregation nevertheless. Huge mistake. To stay is to affirm - no way around that. To any who are facing a similar situation, and as it is spreading so rapidly throughout all of Laodicea, if not today almost surely before too long it will be coming across the pulpit where you sit on Sunday mornings - the question you must answer for yourself now, before that day arrives, if not already, is this:

Will you, *regardless of any other, receive the love of the truth...or will you receive strong delusion that you should believe a lie' [2Thes. 2:10-12].

Note especially the word "love" in the scripture verse referred to just above. Anything less then 'love' of the truth will not cut it - John 14:6.
The way is still narrow. Alleluia.
Rev. 18:4 'And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues'

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