Hal Lindsey And His All-Seeing-Eye, Ananias, Ezekiel 38-39 'Gog Magog - Russia' Zionist-Deluzion

These are excerpts only. Full post - "On 'The Hal Lindsey Report' And All Seeing Eye-Of-Horus Backdrop, Ananias, Gog-Magog Deception - Russia Not In The Bible" - linked at bottom
"Hal Lindsey is as well known a name in Christendom as there is today and needs little in the way of introduction. The purpose of this post does need a bit of an intro though, and is as follows: About Hal Lindsey, who is he really, and where did he come from, and how did he begin, and what does he teach, and is it true, and the very first thing considered here, why why why does he subject viewers of his television program to a continual exposure to an all seeing eye-of-Horus? Need to know things for any who may follow Hal Lindsey's teachings..."

"Note the time mark on this next image just below. It is clipped at ten seconds. This is the opening of the show. The show opens with the eye, and for a full ten seconds the eye has been doing it's hypnotizing best on viewers before fading out while Hal Lindsey fades in. The below image is virtually indiscernible at regular speed, it passes by in the 'blink of an eye'. That sort of thing is normally called subliminal..."

Opening of show - as the eye fades out Hal Lindsey fades in: Hal at one with 'the all-seeing-eye'
"The next consideration, very briefly just to get the overall view on Lindsey other than just the 'eye' on his television program and his initial appearance on the national stage Ananias-style [Acts 5:1-2], is what does Hal Lindsey teach and preach? Very clearly, and none can honestly dispute the fact that, aside from his regular inclusion of rapture preaching, Lindsey primarily preaches Israel, Israel, Israel, the land, the land, the land [link...Let whomsoever say what they will, 'Israel and the land' is not the Christian message of the cross and the blood of Jesus. "Israel and the Land" is the Judaized misdirection of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the mutated message of Zionist global domination - which has no place for the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (which is it's fatal flaw - link)...This is Hal Lindsey's true message, same message as fellow chief-preacher of Israel-worship John Hagee, and too many others to count; i.e. the coming Zionist-planned false Gog-Magog WWIII... [link]"

"This "Battle of the Ages" as Israel pitchman Lindsey has termed it...involving Russia, Iran, and China, has actually been in the planning stages for a very long time. Long before Lindsey came on the scene in fact, but the truth is that Lindsey was the one who brought this Judaized version of 'endtimes' into the so-to-speak 'modern era'. It was in fact the 'Late Great Planet Earth' book that Lindsey did not write that brought the teaching into the mainstream..."

See full - Lindsey/Ananias 'Late Great Planet' ghost-written hoax; Russia-in-bible, Russia-is-Gog lies (Russia is not in the Bible); preeminent eye-of-Horus throughout Hal Lindsey Report; more: here


Anonymous said...

Hal Lindsey is one of the teachers literally 'worshiped' in our assembly due to his 'amazing prophetic vision.' Men and women who have been deceived into believing the geopolitical land of Israel is the LORD'S chosen people have been working diligently to manipulate the Scriptures into getting those of us who are not convinced, brainwashed into their way of thinking. These people believe they have a direct line to God (God spoke to me....), they have attended colleges that teach a false view of Zionism, they have attended conferences led by the John Hagee's of this world, and many of them sit under a rabbi's teaching on Saturday evenings.

And when I asked some of these rabbi followers this question, "Is that rabbi you are sitting under, saved by the blood of Jesus shed for all of us born again believers, confess Jesus and His Gospel with his mouth?" The answer has always been no, this rabbi does not preach nor teach Jesus and His Words.

So now my husband is currently sitting under a Hebrew Roots follower at their 'Bible Study.' This man, the teacher, received 'schooling' under a man by the name of Andrew Wommack and is pushing the theme "the Israelites are God's chosen people" at his Andrew Wommack study, showing his videos and discussing his theology. These so called 'studies' are short on Scriptures and long on Wommack's experiences and self imposed reasoning.

And what surprises me the most concerning people within this false Zionist movement, is how angry, nasty, and prideful these individuals become when we do not buy into their teachings/theology. And when we do not attend their seder meals, their Bible studies, their conferences, their presentations on "Israel," the guilt and shame these so called believers bring upon us and are families is legion. True followers of Jesus, the Christ, need not act in such a vile manner when we do not support their 'religious piety' concerning their Jewish spin on our faith. Would Jesus have us believe we are guilty for not worshiping the land of Israel?

Andrew Barnes said...

The Old Testament always pointed towards the Christ, who would fulfill all those prophecies about his coming. He did not come to call the righteous but sinners and the lost sheep of Israel. Don't be discouraged God knows the hearts of all people. Keep on trusting in Jesus and feeding on his body and blood and what others think will not bother you.