NFL/Seattle: Undercover Cops In Opposing Team Clothing To "Curb Unruly Behavior"; Violaters To Be 'Reeducated'

Orwellian policing comes to the stadium(s)...
Seahawks: Undercover Cops Hired To Wear Opposing Team’s Uniform

Wash. (CBS Seattle/AP) — The Seattle Seahawks announced that the organization has hired undercover cops to wear San Francisco 49ers gear and patrol Sunday’s game in order to curb unruly behavior.

The Seahawks announced Wednesday they will have the undercover police officers wearing opposing team apparel beginning with Sunday night’s highly anticipated matchup, saying the goal is to ensure a safe environment for all fans, including those supporting the visiting team.

The Seahawks say game day staff will intervene against unruly behavior, foul or abusive language and verbal and physical harassment of opposing team fans or stadium guests and staff members. Any fans asked to leave for violations of fan conduct will have to complete a four-hour online educational course at their own cost before they will be cleared to attend events at the stadium again.

The use of tobacco, smoking and the failure to follow instructions from stadium personnel were all included in the press releases’ forbidden activities.

From the press release: “Similar to last season, fans who have been asked to leave the stadium for violations of the Seahawks Fan Code of Conduct will be required to complete a four hour online educational course focused on fan behavior before they are allowed to return to the stadium. Fans will be responsible for the $75 cost of the course. The team will inform the fan once they have been cleared to attend events at the stadium. If a fan returns to CenturyLink Field without receiving authorization a criminal complaint will be issued against the fan as a “defiant trespasser” with the Seattle Police Department. Seahawks season ticket holders are responsible for the behavior of persons using their seats. If those persons are ejected, the Seahawks may take appropriate action against the season ticket holder, up to and including season ticket revocation.”
Still an NFL fan? Exactly how much is it worth to you to 'root' for your favorite team? Forget about the ridiculous cost of seats and food and parking, will you pay the price of giving up your right to speak freely too...just to go to the 'big' game? And will you give up the right to not be held responsible for another's actions, just because they may happen to be sitting in your season ticket holder's seat? And will you submit to Big Brother's provoking of reactions by dressing in the 'enemy's garb' just to see who the good little boys and girls are? Well, this is exactly what you will have to do if you continue to consume the 'entertainment product' known as the NFL.

And will you submit to 'reeducation' to hold on to your fan-card if by some chance you were to find yourself having fallen afoul of the NFL's new Big Brother 'unruly behavior' guidelines? Might want to rethink your 'fanship' here now in 2013 - the cost of a ticket just went way way up.
 Rev. 18:4
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John Cole said...

Hey you are back. :)
Here are a couple of very interesting pics from the Seahawks facebook page. One eye/ Masonic tracing board.



tom m. said...

Very interesting - especially with both of those photos declaring that 2013 is to be the "year of the hawk". Ties right in with some previous posts about 2013 as the year of the "nwo birds of prey"

John Cole said...

Yea that second pic reminds of this 2013 Super Bowl poster declaring "this year we guarantee a thrilling fourth quarter".


Here are a few more symbolic pics I found on their facebook page.




tom m. said...

re: photos

blatant as can be

re: fourth quarter

pretty sure i saw that same poster about the 'thrilling 4th quarter'

interpreted of course to mean...Oct Nov Dec