Hawaii SB 694 To Make UN 2030 HI Law - All 17 Goals; "Profound Transformations" Say They

SB 694 to Implement Agenda 2030 in Hawaii

URGENT: The Hawaii Senate unanimously passed SB 694 [link; see image below] on March 9. The bill is now being considered in the House.

Members of the Hawaii Senate are seeking to pass legislation to implement the United Nation’s totalitarian Agenda 2030 statewide.

Senate Bill No. 694 (SB 694), the “Hawaii State Planning Act,” is sponsored by 20 of the 25 members of the Hawaii Senate (80% of the chamber). It passed the Senate on March 9, 2021, and was sent to the House for consideration.

The bill follows Executive Order No. 18‑06, signed by Governor David Ige in 2018, which ordered all state agencies to work towards implementing Agenda 2030 by its target date. Additionally, the Hawaii Senate has previously sought to implement Agenda 2030, other introduced legislation references the program, and the UN has congratulated Hawaii for these efforts.

SB 694 makes the following declaration:

In pursuit of the State’s sustainability goals, and notwithstanding any law to the contrary, all state agencies, to the extent practicable, shall take action to assist the State in achieving the following sustainable development goals and indicators by 2030 unless otherwise indicated in this section[.]
The bill goes on to list each of Agenda 2030’s 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” and the 169 targets. They are slightly reworded to make them more specific to Hawaii, but the content of the goals and targets is unchanged.

re: 'all 17 goals, 169 targets..."all state agencies...shall take action"'

UN 2030 is not US constitutional law. UN 2030 is totalitarian global government. It is a regulatory framework which creates a system to exercise absolute control over every aspect of human existence - i.e. to micromanage every person, place, and thing on the planet . Below is a screenshot of the opening statement of 2021 Hawaii Senate Bill 694 - note the highlighted portion. This one sentence reveals everything. Everything about everything being done in this world today:
"We must undertake profound transformations in how human societies live on earth". The entire global agenda is stated plainly right there. Everything being done in this world today can be boiled down to this one phrase. Not only the 'climate-change' hoax-of-the-ages - but everything. From the endless manufactured ordo-ab-chao-events, to the global political circus, to the fake-virus population control scam, to the redefining of the human existence male/female [see: minions], to the endless propaganda of the global media for the purpose of mind-control - all designed to bring about "profound transformations". Which means, bottom line, enslavement of the human race by the god-complexed zio-kingdom-komers would-be rulers of the universe [link]. It's that simple and by all appearances the USA State of Hawaii is about to now be officially converted over to this 'World Law'.

All of this has been in the works worldwide for a long time; see this 4-7-08 post Al Gore prediction [1992 book] of a coming very-radical "wrenching transformation":

Agenda 21 What Exactly Do They Want To Take Away From The Sheeple-Minions - The (incredible) 'List' [UN 1995]

also: 9-28-15 Pope, U.N. 'New' 2030 Sustainability Scam Same As Old Scam: 1995 U.N. Biodiversity Assessment Report
*Important to understand that UN 2030 with it's 17 goals and 169 targets [see: UN 2030 17 goals] and so-called 'Agenda 21' are one and the same thing. Packaged differently to some extent, but other then the packaging i.e. the name difference, they are one and the same: Totalitarian global government. Literally total control of planet earth...nothing less...and no plan 'b'.

Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 51:53 'Though Babylon should mount up to heaven, and though she should fortify the height of her strength, yet from me shall spoilers come unto her, saith the LORD'

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