War On Alpha Male This One Takes the Cake: Japanese Govt. Trying To Dictate Men To Use Parasols

Japan’s Government Wants Men to Use Parasols

[5-28-19] This new campaign, which is being handled by Japan’s Environment Ministry, is intended to promote usage of parasols among men in Japan. The ministry will be producing and distributing informational materials to Japanese department stores nationwide.

The Environment Ministry is hoping to change the perception that parasols are only for women by in part touting the many benefits of parasol usage in these materials.

The campaign is also encouraging children to give parasols to their fathers this Father’s Day, which falls on June 16 this year.

Although this is the first campaign of this kind, the ministry had previously teamed up with local municipalities in order to allow men to try out using parasols for free at special events.

With the relentless heat of Japan’s summers showing no signs of going away, it certainly looks like this is as good a time as any for parasols to become a new must-have item for Japan’s legions of salarymen.

2nd article: "A ministry representative...stated, "The term 'higasa danshi' (sun umbrella men), which refers to young fashionable people who use sun umbrellas, is becoming an established term." ... "We aim to promote widespread use of parasols, regardless of sex," a ministry representative said."  [source]

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