Harvard Brainwashing Students That 'Gender-Identity Can Change Daily', Gender Not (ZWO Term) "Binary"

Harvard tells students gender can 'change from day to day'

The office of BGLTQ Student Life at Harvard University has released a new school-sponsored guide telling students to “fight transphobia” and “get the facts about gender diversity.”

The guide, which was distributed to students on campus, declares that there are more than two sexes” and that “gender is fluid and changing,” adding that someone’s gender identity “can be affirmed and/or expressed in many ways,” and can even change from day to day.”

Sex assigned at birth and gender identity are not necessarily the same,” the flyer begins, elaborating that anatomical characteristics may not always align with “gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, hormonal makeup, physical anatomy, and/or how one is perceived in daily life.

Transphobic misinformation [language hack] is a form of systemic violence,” the document goes on to state. “Fixed binaries and biological essentialism, manifest in gendered language, misgendering someone, and the policing of trans bodies, threaten the lives of trans people.

Related article: "It’s unclear the weight the new flyer has in terms of regulating student conduct, but Harvard, a private institution not held to the higher free speech standards of state-owned institutions, has language in its student-conduct policies which permit disciplining students for offensive speech related to gender identity.

“Behavior evidently intended to dishonor such characteristics as race, gender, ethnic group, religious belief, or sexual orientation is contrary to the pursuit of inquiry and education,” reads a Harvard statement on freedom of speech, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a libertarian academic watchdog.

Such grave disrespect for the dignity of others can be punished under existing procedures because it violates a balance of rights on which the University is based,” the Harvard statement said." [source]

re: 'fixed binaries'

The strategy for the robbing of the gender-identity of the 'sheeple-cattle-goyim' [link] is based upon destroying the terms male and female [Matt. 19:4]. A perfect example of this are the quotations from the above noted Harvard document. The terms male and female are not used, but are replaced with the phrases "two sexes" and "fixed binaries". In particular the newly introduced use of the term 'binary" as a replacement for the two sexes 'male and female'. This is purposeful blatant language hacking...and a definite psychological strategy, which things were the subject of this post from June 2016:

ZWO Hacking The Language To Advance Gendercide: All-In-One Term "Nonbinary" Now Legal 'Gender' in Oregon 6-11-16 "Robbing the absolutely factual words 'male' and 'female' of their true definition and proper use in human language and stuffing them together into a new container labeled "binary"? A clear language-hack if there ever was one ... With male-female replaced by "binary", this now enables the introduction of a 'non' category, or something 'other than'. Male and female being in no way non-descriptive words, allow no 'other than' or 'non' category, but 'binary' does. All very natural, you first have the non-descriptive term 'binary', which then very easily allows for the introduction of the countering non-descriptive 'other than' term "nonbinary" ... Binary and nonbinary. Let the gendercide agenda proceed. It does not get any more devious, wicked, evil, than this. Very important note: To use redefined language is to fall into a trap...in this case to accept the words binary and nonbinary as valid. They are not. Neither one. Male and female are the only valid words that exist in the human language, any version, to describe the "gender" of any human being. XX or XY. End of discussion. ... Do not fall into the trap of accepting or using the subversive redefined terminology of the lying-linguists of the would-be new-speak world order..." [see post]

See also: Great Video: German Lawmaker Cites Facebook List To Parliament To Prove Absurdity Of Genderless-Agenda -- Video from a hearing in the German Parliament June 2016. Speaker is opposing the passage of a 'choose-your-gender' bill but would first make fully evident exactly how ludicrous the entire 'genderless-world' agenda is - by addressing all 'concerned parties'. Note about halfway through they don't want to have to hear anymore and try to stop him - to no avail. Full description below:

60 different Genders - Leftist LGBTTQQ-Proposal ridiculed by AfD Politician in German Parliament - link


Video embed code [adjust height/width as needed]:

<iframe src="https://www.bitchute.com/embed/qzbzDLZK350y/" width="550" height="309"</iframe>


Youtube: "[Published on Jun 10, 2016] "AfD politician Steffen K├Âniger ridiculed the Greens in the Brandenburg Parliament for their proposal of a "Campaign for Acceptance of Gender and Sexual diversity, Self-Determination and against Homo and Trans*-phobia in Brandenburg" as well as "Giving equal rights and societal equality for LGBTTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Trans, Two-spirit, Queer, Questioning) people in Brandenburg" by quoting 60 of the Genders considered by Leftists to be actual identities - they're straight from Facebook's Gender option list. He finished his introduction of almost 3 minutes by stating that his party rejects the proposal. [see list @ post]


Very obviously this thing will not be stopped. That being the fact of it, realistically the only thing that can be done is to not be brainwashed. On that note, it is imperative that the proper terminology be not forfeited to the zwo language hackers. Which simply means rejecting outright any usage whatsoever of 'their' deceptive re-defining language-hacks. Never never never accepting 'binary' as a legitimate definition for 'male and female' in other words. Mandatory educating i.e. de-programming of the youth likewise imperative - the next-generation is the primary target of the Zawo [zionist-antichrist-world-order] gender-robbers. The agenda must be explained to them no matter how young unfortunately. Not being proactive is surrender. Robbing the gender is to rob the soul. 2017 you are there. Be proactive.  Rev. 18:4
Psalms 73:9,20 'They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth...so, O Lord, when thou awakest, thou shalt despise their image'

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