Mick Fanning 'Shark' Attack Real Or Simulated...Or 'Other' -- And New NWO 'Animals Attacking Humans' Psyop; "Zoo" TV Show

Original title of post from same day [7-19-15] as incident: 'Shark' Attacks Pro Surfer At South Africa Surf Contest -- And New NWO 'Animals Attacking Humans' Psyop; "Zoo" TV Show
Is the animal kingdom rising up against humankind? Without question, to the astute observer, it is very clear that this is a new theme that is now, suddenly, out-of-the-blue, being pushed across the planet by the global media conglomerate. Stories of alleged wild animal attacks against humans are flying out hot-off-the-press from all over the globe at unprecedented rates [some examples linked below]. How very strange, is it not, that a new television program on this very subject was also released recently. The new Hollywood production titled "Zoo" hit the airwaves just weeks ago with this exact theme...namely the animal kingdom rising up against humanity. What a coincidence. With all the reported animal attacks in the news lately, a show like that might even cause a psychological effect on some people to where they might start believing that what they are seeing on the television show is starting to happen in the 'real world'.

Eight shark attacks in less than a month were reported recently in North Carolina [and three more in South Carolina from May 2015], a highly unusual occurrence. Were they real? The videos were at best not very revealing. Nothing graphic. From what could be seen in the videos nothing either way can be proven. So we note that and leave it there. Which brings us to this latest 'wild animal attack' on a human - another reported shark attack. This occurred today 7-19-15. What is especially interesting about this is that it occurred at a very high profile type scenario: a professional surf contest with the best surfers in the world at one of the best surfing locations in the world called J-Bay in South Africa:

Talk about high profile...or maximum exposure, depending on your point of view, this story is already enormous. The whole world is already seeing this. But is it real? Or is that possibly a mechanical shark like in the movie Jaws, or perhaps some sort of human-powered contraption. Just thinking out loud. The whole scenario does fit the "Zoo" theme just a little too neatly does it not. And then, it should be noted about the video that the body of the shark never did break the surface, nothing could be seen except the fin...and that just for a moment. And how is it that the surfer Fanning walked away without a scratch on his body or on the surfboard? That's virtually beyond the realm of chance.

Never mind all that though, just believe everything on the news without questioning, and also just be amazed that another shark attack happened and this one was of all places at a professional surf contest with one of the most famous surfers in the world 'almost' the victim. He himself is amazed as seen at the end of the video saying [1:15] "I'm somehow perfectly fine"...which means he knows himself that to walk away from a shark attack completely unscathed is incredibly improbable.

Now if all that is completely wrong, there is still another much less pleasant possibility to consider. This would have to do with the idea of 'shark encounters on demand' by the baiting of specific areas to draw real sharks. Just thinking out loud again.

Nothing can be proven of course, so once again we have to leave it here. Decide for yourself. Is the 'naturalness' of this 'encounter' - the timing, the location, etc. convincing...or maybe not actually, considering other factors that may bear upon this high profile incident - like the new nwo theme song of 'animals attacking humans'. As far as that goes, it does seem way too convenient. In fact, the bang-for-your-buck factor is off the chart with this one.

Whatever the case, without question something is afoot with this 'animal kingdom rising up' thing. What exactly that is is difficult to say. Time will reveal it, but for now it could be something about Agenda 21 animal rights equal to human rights, or perhaps Agenda21 keeping humans out of 'wildlands' areas, or even possibly something to do with trying to convince people that they are about to enter the biblical time of "Tribulation" where one thing that the Word of God reveals will occur during this time is that the "beasts of the earth" will play a role in the killing of the fourth part of the earth [Rev. 6:8]. For the record this 'Time of Tribulation' is not yet - but the creating of a false tribulation scenario as part of the ZNWO global takeover scheme is definitely part of the plan - here; here.

At any rate be aware of all these things because something is definitely up - see articles below:

Rev. 18:4
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Psalms 33:10-11 'The LORD bringeth the counsel of the heathen to nought: he maketh the devices of the people of none effect. The counsel of the LORD standeth for ever, the thoughts of his heart to all generations'


Unknown said...

It is all about the environmental scheme. That's the plan, the pope's encyclical about it is a launching pad for the one world government. Any natural disasters or animal attacks, instead of attributed to judgment as in Rev., will be attributed to 'mother nature' unleashing retribution for being badly treated. Hence incentive to worship creation rather than the creator as it says in Romans 1. Just more of the script leading to their goals. Nothing wrong with being against polluting and stuff, but they are all about pantheism and all that stuff.

Unknown said...

Oh, and I heard about a new movie coming out where animals turn on people 'en masse' and it's almost like they are possessed or something. Heard the ad on tv, it can be googled, something about animals violently attacking people globally.