'Privacy' Dead? Google "Head Of Privacy", 33, 'Dies' In Nepal Quake - As Above So Below?

Follow up on: Geoengineering? 50 'Global Experts' Met For 'Earthquake Preparedness' In Kathmandu, Nepal One Week Ago 4-26-15 "Seems very strange, in a geoengineered 'as-above-so-below' way, that is..." [see post]
Google privacy-executive Fredinburg dies in Everest avalanche

Google Inc. executive Daniel Fredinburg was one of at least 18 people who died Saturday in an avalanche triggered by the massive 7.8 earthquake in Nepal that swept into a Mount Everest base camp, according to reports Sunday.

The San Francisco resident, 33, an experienced climber who was the privacy chief at Google X died of a major head injury, according to reports.

He was head of privacy for Google X, the company’s innovation laboratory, which oversees products like the self-driving car and Google Glass, reports said.

Google, head of privacy, 33 yrs old...such a strange combination of variables...almost seems as if it could actually contain a hidden message...another as-above-so-below type message that is. Quite often the thing itself is actually faked - but enacted for the sake of fulfilling the ritual. Think? Added to other strange things about this event e.g. same-day as the Jenner 'earth-shaking interview', and the week-before conference [see 'follow up' above]...the odds of it then start to be multiplied exponentially. That gets into big math. Just noticing.
Compare: 'Suicide' At U.S. Capitol 4/11/15 An 'As-Above-So-Below'? 4/7/15 DC 'Power Outage' Related? NAU? -Crystal Cathedral 4-11-15 "A suicide at the U.S. Capitol? Real or staged? What about the "power outage" in Washington DC a few days ago [4-7-15]. Was that real, or staged? Could these two separate events be somehow related in an 'as-above-so-below' ritual type manner...Namely, shutting down Washington DC as a center of power, while 'suiciding' the U.S. Capitol would portray the ending of the U.S. Constitutional system [link] - both things that will have to happen in order to shift over to the "NAU". -- As above, so below" has been called the "golden rule" of the Satanic mystery religion known as the Kabbalah...The Kabbalists see this rule as foundational to success in their quest to create their utopia, the 'novus ordo seclorum', or the 'new order of the ages'... To their mind they are bringing about a spiritual transformation of the entire cosmos and of humanity...[so]...all parts of the plan are [first] 'acted out' here below in the 'earth realm'..."

Be aware.  Rev. 18:4
Jeremiah 9:6 'Thine habitation is in the midst of deceit; through deceit they refuse to know me, saith the LORD'


Anonymous said...

These Google X execs have a strange way of turning up dead. In Nov 2013 another Google X Exec Forrest Hayes was given a lethal dose of heroin by a call girl who coincidentally (wink wink) "liked" satanic bible in her FB page. Craziness...


denk said...


us military rush in to control a coveted land after a *natural* disaster,
makes u wonder how *natural* are these quakes, tsunamis, ebola ?


ian fleming's fundamental law of probability,
*once is accident, twice is coincidence, thrice.....enemy action* !