Military Takeover NAU: S.C. National Guard Does Door-To-Door 'Health And Wellness Checks' During Hurricane Drill

This post related to: Ferguson Ordo Ab Chao And Pentagon 5-'13 'Rule Change' On "Civil Disturbances" - It's A Match; And The NAU 8-19-14 "Cui bono? Either citizens are getting gunned down all over the place in the US of A these days, or, it is just being made to appear to be so...via endless staged productions...in order to create an illusion...to gain an objective...the objective being the training of the populace to submit to an authoritarian governing of themselves...and equally as crucial to the secret-society globalists aspirations...and the other side of that coin actually...to begin the full and final implementation of a global military rule, which definitely includes the nation of America. Making these things happen is absolutely imperative for the would-be 'apotheosists' (god-men) before they can realize their delusional dreams of installing themselves as the ruling authoritarians of all the earth [link]...Erasing the borders, setting up a monolithic military rule of the North American continent - both have to happen - and they are. It is just that simple. And expect to see many more 'scenarios' resulting in the military showing up to 'assist' now militarized police - until military presence becomes the "new norm", per the NAU development plan" [see post]
South Carolina National Guard partners with state agencies to conduct wellness checks during Vigilant Guard 2015

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. – The South Carolina National Guard, in partnership with numerous state agencies, conducted hurricane response training in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, as a part of Vigilant Guard 2015, a regional emergency response exercise focused on response to a natural disaster, in this case a Category 4 hurricane.

The SCNG partnered with the S.C. State Guard, the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department and other local emergency responders to conduct health and wellness checks in the Overton neighborhood. The joint task force went door-to-door checking on the local residents, assessed their needs and determined how best to meet those needs in a real response.

“In the scenario, our job today was to assist the S.C. State Guard, along with various Berkeley County emergency responders, and perform health and wellness checks for citizens who might have been affected by the storm,” said Sgt. Jeremy Argabright, Bravo Company, 1-118 Infantry.

re: 'National Guard...door-to-door checking'

Pushing the new-norm envelope even further now...military knocking on your door...just in case you need some 'help'. Military control over the entire North American continent...which without question is an integral component of the regional-global government plan (aka A21) for the still under-construction "NAU" [link]...it won't happen by itself. From the normalizing of major military exercises in the streets of American cities...to now actually coming-a-knocking uninvited on the front doors of private residences...clearly there is an 'agenda' afoot. It's called anti-christ one-world-government.

Be informed...it's John Q. Public that is being 'trained'.  Rev. 18:4
Compare: Marines To 'Train' (Public For Martial Law) In Downtown Los Angeles December 5-16, 2014; Ferguson, NY, "Phoenix" 12-5-14 "Military games in the downtown streets of LA California? There is only one name for that - martial law desensitization. Same thing currently underway in Ferguson, and NY, and of course wouldn't you know, now Phoenix. Only difference is that the drills in those cities are live as a result of the 'chaos' factor - namely the string of concurrent supposed white-cop-on-black-citizen killings....The 'Phoenix', the very symbol of the 'new order'. The phoenix - that only rises from the ashes of the old. Ashes of course speaking of the complete destruction of the existing...The 'rising phoenix' from this current production is the 'normalizing' of an open full-blown police state..." [see post]
Believer: Rev. 3:11 'Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown'

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