'Super Bowl' Symbology-Predict Wrong; USA Today: Went "Just The Way They Drew It Up"; Sochi 33 Waterfalls Next

This post is a follow up on: Broncos NWO-Elect To Win Super Occult-Ritual-Pot Bowl Denver NWO-elect to win? Obviously missed this one by a "mile-high-city'. In retrospect, and as a take-way, and even though it is now common knowledge that 'symbology' is absolutely the modus operandi of the kabalist zwo-ites - and being aware of this fact is important - stopping short of making 'predictions' based on what is being put out is the correct way to handle it, no matter how much of a 'sure thing' it 'may seem' to be. Observing and awareness, yes definitely, because the reality is that these things are unavoidable, but as to making final interpretations of things based on this severely-twisted symbolic messaging, as learned here once again - it will be far wiser to refrain. There is a reason why they never stop twisting it. Lesson learned. Stay aware...Rev. 18:4
But the question still remains - was it real?

The game was played on 2-2; the first "play" of the game resulted in the first score of the 'game' - 2 points; after 2 quarters (halftime), the score was 22-0

Shortly after the start of the second half, referring to the Seahawks, the announcer commented: "the game has gone according to script"

The Seahawk coach said to a reporter after the game: "Everything went the way it was supposed to"

A short while after the game ended, the below article from USA Today [link] was the top entry on the main Google News page:

"Hidden in plain sight"?
"just the way they drew it up"? Was there a 'script' that had been 'drawn up' where Denver was 'supposed' to do a football version of the Keystone Kops? Cannot say, just noting these things before moving on. At any rate, as it appears that the 'white horse' is not ready to go forth and conquer just yet, this could be an indication that the 'zwo birds of prey' theme [link], represented last year by the Ravens and now this year by the Seahawks, is still in play. With that, we'll just leave it there. Next thing on the calendar with which the world is to be 'bedazzled' and 'bewitched' by and turned into a global police state lockdown zone is only days away - the 2014 Winter Olympics - which are the 22nd Winter Olympics; and which are to be held in Sochi, the land of 33 waterfalls [link].  Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 1:2 'Hear, O heavens, and give ear, O earth: for the LORD hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me'


Mark said...

Here's my take on it. Much has been made of the Twelfth Man with regards to Seattle. Amazingly, the Seahawks also scored at he 12 second mark of both half's, first with a safety on Denver's possession, then with a kickoff run back touchdown to start the second half. The number twelve is clearly in focus.

If you're the twelfth man, it means you are a fan cheering for your home team. The classic cheerleading rant goes something like RA-RA-RA- sis-boom-ba...or whatever. Get it? RA is the Egyption Sun God who I equate with Satan.

Put another way, the Twelfth Man is the Twelfth Imam in the Muslim faith, the arrival of which they are waiting for. Unfortunately for them, their Twelfth Imam of Messiah is my Satan. If they really want him, I guess they can have him.

Seattle was Satan's team this year (he picks one every year) and it looks like he was announcing his soon to come arrival.

John Cole said...

Spirit World WINNER of Super Bowl 48

tom m. said...

re: 'spirit world winner'

Looked that article over, and while cannot agree with the biblical interpretations the author expresses, it seems that he definitely hit on the key thing to 'decode' the event - which is the ancient roman practice of making a horse sacrifice to 'mars' the 'god of war'

Looked it up:

"Additionally, a horse was at times sacrificed to Mars. Mars was the only god to which a horse was sacrificed..." link

A 'horse sacrifice to mars' being the evident ritual, seems the most likely scenario would be having to do with Syria and the Zionist-scheduled fake Ps. 83 war as the reason for it.

This year? Have to see