'Suicide Bombers' And The NWO Police State

This story is a few days old but is worthy of notice
NY Subway Security Goes Military After Moscow 'Suicide Bombers' 3-30-10
Stand clear of the submachine guns.
In an unusual move, a heavily armed NYPD security battalion with enough firepower to wipe out Downtown Brooklyn descended onto the city's subway trains yesterday in response to suicide bombings in Russia that killed dozens of passengers in Moscow's subway.
Bleary-eyed New Yorkers began their work weeks with a morning rush hour that featured city cops in full military gear, including helmets, goggles, body armor, sidearms and M16 assault rifles.
City and MTA officials dialed up security a few notches after two female suicide bombers blew themselves up in twin attacks on the Moscow subway system early yesterday morning, killing at least 38 people.
And this telling little statement in regard to the same incident, quoted from the New York Daily News reports: "Mayor Bloomberg urged New Yorkers to go about their business - and let police do the worrying."
This post is a related follow up on: Next Phase Of NWO Plan To Strip Freedom: 'Suicide Bombers' In America 1-24-10 "Saturday, US airport authorities were warned that at least two female suicide bombers of "non-Arab appearance" and bearing Western passports may have been sent to America by al Qaeda-Yemen - either to blow up US-bound flights or commit suicide attacks inside the country." - "Questions: if a bomb happened to go off, could be anywhere, how hard would it be to make it out to be the work of an alleged suicide bomber? What evidence would be left after the fact? Could there not actually have been an explosive device pre-planted at the location? The questions are reasonable because the NWO Bureau of Propaganda is suddenly taking the terrorist theme to a whole new level"..."Once again, the 666 global takeover scheme is as cheesy as a 'b-plot' movie script, and for that reason it should be considered as a serious warning when it is revealed ahead of time what the next scene will be. [see post]

re: "urged New yorkers to go about their business"
'Suicide bombers' allegedly attack a Moscow subway (as most have heard), and as a result, subway security in New York goes military. Furthermore, the mayor of New York, Bloomberg, basically tells the startled citizens of the city to pay no attention to the police state atmosphere that they suddenly find themselves in the following morning.
Move along, move along, nothing to see here. Just go about your business and don't even think twice about it, says the NWO Bureau of Propaganda. It was only couple of months ago when the female-suicide bomber seed was first planted in the collective psyche of the peoples of the world [see link above], and the outworking of that scheme has apparently now begun.
Take note, the NWO police state takeover is the clear winner here. And, they are just getting warmed up.
Proverbs 14:15 The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.

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