Calvary Chapel, Chuck Smith Hosting Emergent Church Apostate

fyi: The apostasy of the Christian Church is spreading far and wide throughout all of Christendom. It is no longer possible to just blindly follow any church movement, so-called bible teacher, or pastor. No place can be considered safe any longer without careful scrutiny because the apostate teachers have infiltrated at every level and the leaven has leavened the whole (Matt. 13:33). And yes, Virginia, that definitely includes Calvary Chapels (this from an ex-Calvary Chapeler). Each individual must educate himself and is responsible to be knowledgeable of these things for their own sake as well as others. To undiscerningly participate with error and those who propagate it will bring disastrous consequences in the spiritual life of a Christian. Be warned...Rev. 18:4
Emergent New Paradigm Pastor to Speak at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa lighthousetrailsministries

"Emerging/emergent spirituality is making serious inroads into Christianity. Churches and Christian colleges, unaware of the subtle undermining of such spirituality, are embracing teachers and leaders of this movement and pointing others to them. Often they are unaware of what these teachers really believe and teach. In light of an event (Movement 2009) scheduled to take place on May 29th at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, the Calvary Chapel mother church, with RockHarbor pastor, Mike Erre (and a similar event (Pure Worship) that took place earlier this month), Lighthouse Trails is posting this special report."

In the pages of Death by Church: Rescuing Jesus from His Followers, Recapturing God's Hope for His People (Harvest House, 2009), author Mike Erre (pastor of Rock Harbor Church in Costa Mesa, California) acknowledges that Jesus is Lord. He also references a number of Scriptures and talks about several different Bible stories. But for the discerning Christian who knows his Bible, it doesn't take too long into Erre's book to realize something is amiss, and such a reader soon begins to have a sense that he is theologically being tossed to and fro between the pages of this book and soon feeling like he is in a battle zone for the truth. Sandwiched between the Scripture references and the mention of "Jesus" is a theology that does not at all represent the Gospel."

"In an emergent church setting, Erre's book would fit in well. But unfortunately, he is scheduled to speak at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa on May 29th at the Movement 2009 event as the featured speaker. From all that Calvary Chapel has stood for and represented over the last three plus decades, Erre's spirituality does not line up with Calvary Chapel. Even if Erre doesn't talk about these topics at the Movement 2009, to welcome him at a Calvary Chapel church (the mother church of Calvary Chapel, no less) is sending out a message far and wide that emerging spirituality is now acceptable and legitimate."
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James 1:16 Do not err, my beloved brethren. (Mike 'Erre')

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