TSA To 'Strip Search' All Passengers

TSA 'Naked Scan' Program Expanding nytimes

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Transportation Security Administration plans to replace the walk-through metal detectors at airport checkpoints with whole-body imaging machines — the kind that provide an image of the naked body.

Initially, the machines were supposed to be used only on passengers who set off the metal detectors, to provide them with an option to the customary secondary physical pat-downs and inspections by electronic wand.

The plan now is that all passengers will “go through the whole-body imager instead of the walk-through metal detector,” he said.

In interviews, agency officials stressed that the technology remained in a test phase. They said that they expected initial contracts to produce the machines to be awarded this summer and that passengers will start seeing the machines at some checkpoints soon afterward. They had no timetable for when the machines would be installed at most airports.
re: "start seeing the machines"
Ready to be 'strip-searched' in the airport before traveling from now on? Ready or not, that is exactly what the totalitarian NWO'ers will soon be requiring of "all passengers" as the new 'body image' scanning machines begin replacing metal detectors in the nation's airports "this summer".
As has been the case to date, these changes will occur without much fanfare and in a seemingly random fashion. Most likely, initially, travelers will go to the airport as usual and with out any advance knowledge will be confronted with the new forced 'strip search' policy before boarding a plane. With no other option, people will submit and be stripped not only of their bodily covering but of their dignity. Before long they will become totally accepting of baring it all to be 'allowed' to fly.
It is not difficult to see the mind bending psychological effect created on a people forced to submit to such treatment. Neither is it difficult to see how the NWO-ers have designed this absurd 'security system' for that very reason. Docility in the people is very conducive to successful 'New World Order' building. That is the true intent.
Beware...the anti-christ one-worlders are playing dirtier than ever.

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