Reminder: 6-Ft. 'Social Distance' Is "Dalet Amot" - From The Talmud (Jewish) -- Corona-Fiction Scam Noahide Initiation

Repost from 6-12-20. Because...it should not be forgotten.

[6-12-20] Surprise: '6-Ft. Social Distancing' Comes From The Jewish Talmud - It's A Global Talmudic Initiation  [Dalet Amot]

Six feet apart, six feet apart - social distancing social distancing. Coronavirus... must be six feet apart! Coronavirus? - six feet apart? Wait just a minute - 'Coronavirus' is FAKE as the day is long and many people know this to be the reality - so what then is this absurd six-foot "social distancing" psyop-scam really about? The answer to that question is found in discovering the true source for the "six-foot" regulation. When the Corona control-scam/psyop first began in early March 2020, WHO first came out with the concept of "social distancing". They at that time introduced the world to the idea declaring three-feet to be the distance required for 'personal safety' [see image bottom of post*]. In retrospect it is clear that this was done for introductory purposes, evidently to accustom people to the notion, but to not be perceived as 'too extreme'. Within a relatively short time frame though that distance became six-feet, and before anybody knew what was happening, the new 'six-foot regulation' was being mandated worldwide. Well ...surprise surprise ...or maybe not ...turns out that this six-foot distance thing [brought about by fake-pandemic - very important to always factor in] comes straight out of - wait for it - none other than the Jewish Talmud - and is called "dalet amot" or "daled amot" [three quotes different sources]:

Daled Amot

Daled amot translates most accurately as personal space. Using it in a sentence, one might say, Whether you choose to put on deodorant is your own business, as long as you stay out of my daled amot.

A secondary sense of the word is an area of expertise, as in Dont ask me about quantum physics, thats outside my daled amot.

Daled amot measures about six feet: daled is the Hebrew letter corresponding to the number four, and an amah is the biblical measure of a cubit, the distance from your elbow to your middle fingertip (roughly a foot and a half for people.) In Jewish law, daled amot is a persons private domain.

The Babylonian sage Ulla poignantly declared, Since the day the Temple was destroyed, all that remains for the Holy One, Blessed Be He, in His world are the four amot of halachah (Talmud, Berachot 8a).

The sense seems to be that since the site of Gods permanent dwelling in Jerusalem was erased, God is present in the private sphere within which we act according to His will.

Rabbi AJ Heschel notes that this is hardly a jubilant statement expressing an ideal. We work and pray for the time when Gods presence will return to our communal and national lives, and beyond.    [source]

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