Florida Boys 'Lost At Sea' Hitting On Agenda21 Objectives - Ocean Micromanagement Psyop Related To 'Sharknado'?

Follow up on: Again? Man Reportedly Killed In Shark Attack In Tasmania 7/25/15 -- Or 'Sharknado' Psyop Agenda21-Style? 7-25-15 "Is this story true..or is it just a story? Who can say...but the language used in the above [excerpted] article is very interesting if considered in light of known Agenda21-type global implementation objectives. This comes out clearly in the general overtone of the 'official reaction': Sharks are "entitled to be in the water" - the obvious inference being that people are not...and are now being warned to "keep out of the ocean"...it could be something about Agenda 21 animal rights equal to human rights, or perhaps Agenda21 keeping humans out of 'wildlands' areas..." [see post]
Marine experts say missing Fla. teenagers should not have been alone offshore

The two boys were reported missing from Jupiter, Fla., on Friday afternoon...The search has taken on extra urgency after the Coast Guard located the boat they had been piloting; the capsized vessel was discovered Sunday about 67 nautical miles off Ponce de Leon Inlet...

“It’s a warning call for everyone else unfortunately for what could happen to you,” he said. “These kids fished a lot, and they were out in the water a lot, but at the same time they were still 14 years old, and they were out there alone.”

Mario Vittone, a marine safety expert who spent 22 years in the Coast Guard as a rescue swimmer and boating accident investigator...told The Post on Monday. “They should ask: Should I send a teenager who has no experience with crisis out into the largest wilderness in the world, completely surrounded on all sides by something that will kill them if they get in it?

“Then the answer becomes obvious: No.”

Rick Spilman, a marine expert from Florida who founded the popular sailing forum known as the Old Salt Blog, told The Post...

“The water is a very dangerous place that can seem very safe,” he said. “You can see the shore, it’s beautiful, you can get caught up in the color of the water and the dolphins and the birds, and you feel so much a part of all of it. If you get caught up in the wonder, you forget this place can also kill you.”

re: "a warning call to everyone"?

True...or another ocean-based 'psyop'? Is anything that takes over the 24-hr news cycle true anymore? What about when all the particulars line up perfectly with ongoing agendas? Just to briefly note, without attempting to go into details of application (is it even necessary?) a few things along these lines with this 'two boys lost at sea' story. For instance, occult-type names prominently appearing, as in this instance with some of the named locations. "Jupiter" jumps right out immediately of course - the chief god of Roman mythology. Next "Ponce De Leon" jumps out, which of course brings to mind the legend of the search for "the fountain of youth" - or essentially 'eternal life' - attached permanently of course to the name of the circa 1500 A.D. Spanish explorer Ponce De Leon.

Note next the hyper 'dangerous-ocean-wilderness' rhetoric coming out of this incident loud and clear, made possible by this incident: "It's a warning call"; "could happen to you"; "largest wilderness in the world...will kill them if they get in it"; "very dangerous place"; "can also kill you".

Note next that this purported incident comes right on the heels of the recent string of reported 'sharknado' type events [see 'follow up' above]...and that the underlying theme seems to be carrying over from those to this...namely:

ocean is bad...it can make you disappear and kill you and it has sharks

and those sharks will get you humans because you don't belong in the ocean

bad ocean scary ocean

no going in ocean without big brother's permission humans

stay in your little sustainable habitats like good little 'minions'

Agenda21 is globalspeak, just a name, but the goal behind it is clear. That goal is absolute micromanagement of the entire planet - every person, place, and thing. Nothing less. Appears that the Agenda21-ites may now be now making their move for absolute 'ocean control'.

At any rate, should be interesting to see how this lost-at-sea episode wraps up. Regardless of how it does, in making 'lost boys' out as "a warning call to everyone", there really is no other way to view these things than to fully expect the 'ocean' agenda to become relentless from here on out.

Make believe world? - your call. Be aware.
 Rev. 18:4
Genesis 1:9-10 'And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so. And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good'

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