"Great Vaporizing Meteor Due In 2015" Says 1996 TV Sitcom '3rd Rock'; ZWO Meteorite Agenda

1996 TV Show – 3rd Rock from the Sun

Actor John Lithgow: "Blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015"

"[people] are blissfully unaware of the great vaporizing meteor due in 2015
...which obviously doesn't exist because I'm kiiiiding"
NWO-ZWO faux-meteorite agenda? See links below:

This video/post is a follow up - related to: NWO Meteorite-Agenda Goes To New Level: 'SMASHfestUK' To Prepare Public For 'Asteroid' Strike - Feb. 14-22, 2015 2-13-15 "'A public conditioning program for recovery from a massive disaster attributed to a "meteorite strike" (or asteroid, or mystery space rock of some sort, etc.). Below is the official logo for the unprecedented event'
-- Real meteorites... or something else going on? ... Take note. The tremendous hype that started two years ago as a result of the Chelyabinsk incident, and has been unceasing since, suggests strongly that a 'meteorite/comet/space rock' chaos-inducing event or events is/are absolutely, at some point, inevitable. Instant devastation anytime anywhere - the scenario is now in place. When, not if - apparently again - it occurs, the 'phoenix' of the zionist-new-world-order would be able to rise overnight from the dust and ashes of the destruction. Interesting how that works" [see post]

Official "SmashfestUK" logo depicting imminent meteorite strike. Be afraid - you never know when (question mark)
See also: 1-Yr. Flashback: Russian Chelyabinsk 'Meteorite' 2-15-13 - Undetected Because 'Sun In Their Eyes'; Meteorite Agenda 2-15-14 "Meteorites, meteorites, here come the meteorites. And so there it is. John Q. Public is now being told that there is another 'new normal' to contend with, which is that any city anywhere on the planet could get an 'impact', at any given time, with no warning, bang, city wiped out by a 'meteorite'. On that note, it is amazing to consider how this would, in a instant, prepare an entire geographic region for some ordo-ab-chao type NWO transformation. Just noticing...some Russians believe that what hit there was a missile. The Russian politician quoted...claimed that things are not what they are being made out to be. Another thing worth noting is that as the reported impact site just happened to be in the middle of a frozen lake, there are of course no photos...So were they real meteorites, or giant 'molotov cocktails' and missiles?" [see post; videos]

And: NWO - NASA Press Conference 4-22-14 To Announce "3-10 Times" Greater 'Asteroid' Threat To Earth 4-21-14
Long ago TV predicts? - compare: 1997 'Married With Children' TV Show - Bruce-Jenner-transgender-psyop foretold
It's 2015 and the 'meteorite agenda' is on full speed ahead. Be aware - any city any time, say they.   [follow links, connect dots]

Rev. 18:4
Psalms 119:89 'For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven'

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