Posse Comitatus Phase-Out: 'Armed' National Guard Train In Streets Of Ontario California 4-11-15

Youtube link: National guard. In Ontario California 4/11/15

A few unattributed random comments out of more than 300 (presently) at the video link giving the general sense of viewers:

"Not Jade helm. This is national guard troops training to road march. The guys running up and blocking traffic are "road guards." Their job is to prevent the group from being run over. This is and has been regular practice for a LONGGGGG time."

"On the base it has been common practice -- not marching down the middle of the street in an American neighborhood."

"I think its pretty safe to say that the America we grew up in is dead and gone. I think that this is nothing more than getting people used to this, used to seeing troops in your streets and used to seeing them at your front door. I am not going to speculate anymore than that other than the things we are seeing now, I think we will see more of it. I think if you combine this with militarizing police to the point where they resemble the military, well, what is it leading up to?"

"This is PT that's all. A tactical road march. I do agree the CO was a bone head having them do it with their weapons, but it does make it harder especially for the M240 gunners. They are national guard and only have so many hours they can do stuff like this on a drill weekend. You typically lose more time going to an approved training area, like a base, than what you put in training there during a typical 2 day drill weekend. When I was an op sergeant I had my unit doing the same thing from the edge of town into the country to also practice IED patrols outside city limits. They did not carry weapons though. The road guards stopping traffic is to help prevent gawkers from driving through the formation. The M-1008 high top in back was the "meat wagon" for the ones that fall out cause they can't hack it. Standard basic training level stuff. If other units in their battalion did the same thing that weekend I would question it. If it was a company level only training decision I really wouldn't worry about this."

"The guy with the camera went undetected by 200 marine's. The "road guards" were 20 feet from him!! Hmmmmm"

"This isn't any kind of martial law practice. It's a military ruck march, hump, hike or whatever. The soldiers in the vest are functioning as road guards and simply blocking the road so the column can safely move past. They're not practicing actual road blocks. This is simply to build endurance and get soldiers use to carrying their gear. They're in an administrative formation for the sake of accountability and speed. This kind of thing is pretty normal on military bases. They're probably out and about because they're National Guard and don't have a dedicated base to do this kind of thing on."

"I have not seen this since Poland in 1973 when the Russians in Polish uniforms were moving Polish prisoners about by foot. When I got back to the western world I took a big breath of freedom."

Without a doubt, military presence in the streets of the towns and cities of the USA is now a trend. Compare:

Military Takeover NAU: S.C. National Guard Does Door-To-Door 'Health And Wellness Checks' During Hurricane Drill 3-9-15 "...expect to see many more 'scenarios' resulting in the military showing up to 'assist' now militarized police - until military presence becomes the "new norm", per the NAU development plan"

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Rev. 18:4

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