CA School 'Transgender Law' AB12-66 Begins January 1, 2014 - Teachers Being 'Trained'

California schools prepare for new transgender law

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When students return from winter break, a new state transgender law is scheduled go into effect and school leaders are training teachers on how to comply.

When classes resume across the Valley in January, a new state law is scheduled to kick in. AB12-66 signed into law by governor Jerry Brown gives transgender K through 12 students the choice of using whichever bathroom matches their gender identity. The new law also gives students the option of playing on either girls or boys teams.

Hanford school leaders are prepping all employees for the upcoming changes.

Opponents of AB12-66 have collected signatures for a ballot initiative to repeal the law. If they reach about 505,000 signatures statewide, a measure will go on the November 2014 ballot. The secretary of state is still in the process of counting those signatures.

The law is statewide. The opposition more than likely will have the numbers for an initiative to repeal, but any ballot measures are still a year away. And as experience has shown, a measure successful at the ballot box is no guarantee of anything these days. As it stands, compliance will be forced on all beginning next month. Teachers, parents, children, all will be forced to submit. Teachers will have to support and teach it, regardless of personal beliefs. Any child, solely by his or her own determination, can declare their "gender identity", and the entire social norm must now bow down and cater to them. The reverberations from all this will be felt by all of society. The reality of the situation goes much deeper though than so-called 'transgenderism'. Bottom line is that this is a flat out attack on freedom on every level. LGBT issues are just a tool being used by the kabalist would-be lords of the earth [i.e. zionists - link] in the attempt to gain the far larger objective - which is exactly the same as is now being advanced in Europe:

'Beast' Alert: EU Council Calls For Orwellian Europe-Wide Control System To Deal With "The Intolerant" 10-29-13 ""...the measure -- [would] force the national governments of all 28 EU member states to establish "special administrative units" to monitor any individual or group expressing views that the self-appointed guardians of European multiculturalism deem to be "intolerant"" - Poland, the European Jewish Council, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Albania, Latvia, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, all on board with this plan to establish what amounts to nothing less than the imposition of draconian behavioral controls designed to create an environment of absolute compliance to the 'beast' by all...Mindless, opinionless, genderless - model citizens of the 'new-world-order' - all bowed together to the one 'universal will'..." [see post]

Coming to your state, schools, everywhere next. Be aware.  Rev. 18:4
Judges 2:13 'And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth.'


Anonymous said...

Wow. This is the area I grew up in - rural, small town feel (especially Hanford). Even Fresno is much much more conservative than most of California. Wonder how much resistance there will be in the community and by the teachers themselves. Glad I homeschool.


tom m. said...

They are coming after the homeschoolers next. This from Ohio:

Democrat: Investigate every homeschool parent "A Democratic state senator in Ohio has proposed a law that would require every homeschooling parent to be investigated and approved by social services agencies before they would be allowed to teach their own children.

The Home School Legal Defense Association calls the bill sponsored by Sen. Capri Cafaro the “worst-ever homeschool law proposed.” ..Under the proposed law, social workers would interview parents and children separately, conduct background checks and determine whether or not homeschooling is recommended.

If homeschooling is not recommended, Donnelly explained, parents would have to submit to an “intervention” before further consideration of their request to homeschool."

Rev. 18:4