David Jeremiah, Shadow Mountain, All Seeing Eye, And More

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David Jeremiah And His All-Seeing Eye: What Is Up? 11-8-09
Jeremiah 13:16 'Give glory to the LORD your God, before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and, while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.'


John Smith said...

His poses are those of witchcraft's god and goddess, as
well as the Masonic Inspector General.No reply from him by certified mail re: request to condemn Masonry. His heresies are blatant and blasphemous.Christians know this.Since I challenged him about the ostensible "eye" t.v.
shots of it have stopped and he has made only one goddess pose
since january .Do you have a post
office address ?

tom m. said...

an e-mail address is on the profile page

John Smith said...

do not know how to email ,nor do I have a computer . Someone helps me do this . I asked if you had a P.O. address because I wanted to send you my detailed critique of David Jeremiah . We'll see how much of this gets to you .

In this DVD you will see David Jeremiah assume the god and goddess poses made only by witches and Masons . In one cameo he makes both gestures within seconds . These are obviously not innocent gestures made when someone talks with his hands , but are Wiccan signals . They are not instances implying love of some one or some thing . Some times his cameos are mute . Both witchcraft and Masonry are called “ the Craft “ , because they are both witchcraft . One Masonic writer admits Masonry is the old Jewish practice of witchcraft in this DVD . Witches use the phrase “so mote it be “. Masons used to, and perhaps still do , open and close their secret meetings with that exact same phrase . Neither of them are allowed to repeat things that are said in meetings , but they may repeat what is written . They may repeat what is written down , but not words orally articulated . This is the same way the Jewish Talmudists worked , passing down the blasphemous words orally .

Witchcraft’s and Masonry’s “ All Seeing Eye ” is blatant , displayed in the typical style of presenting the occult symbol , mimicking a supposed Christian symbol . Neither the fish nor the “ Eye of Horus “ are Christian symbols . I directly challenged Dr. Jeremiah about his suspected love for Masonry in my two certified letters I sent him , anticipating no response , and getting none . His heretical and blasphemous predecessor , Tim LaHaye , is in his audience sometimes , making sure his disciple has become twice the son of hell that he himself appears to be . In one of his Left Behind heresies called “ The Mark “ , Tim LaHaye lies when he justifies a Christian getting the mark of the beast , yet expects to still go to heaven . Mr. LaHaye tries to deceive Christians when he says that getting the mark has made a Christian “ bi-loyal “ , and has put him in a “ special category “ . The left behind films are more subtly blasphemous . Dr. Jeremiah highly praises the occult TBN ministry and helps them plead for money on the air with them , increasing their coffers already consisting of over one half billion dollars in escrow . His friend , Tim LaHaye is featured here with the liar Benny Hinn , where they pray together before hawking Tim LaHaye’s book . Dr. Jeremiah also promotes the New King James Bible which calls Jesus
“ The Coming One “ in Luke 7 :19 and 20 . This blasphemous name is used by the United Nations whose occult groups
of three pray for the arrival of communism’s hoped for “ Messianic “ antichrist who will rule the world’s communist devised one universal religion as is stated in the 1960 Encyclopedia Britannica . Witchcraft’s horned hand signal is displayed by other TBN darlings besides Dr. Jeremiah . This gesture is seen being given by politicians , diplomats , statesmen , actors musicians , doctors , Billy Graham speakers , etc . I have asked people to point to something across a room for me . Nobody has ever pointed simultaneously extending both the first and little finger . It is unnatural . This is more than likely gestured by politicians as encouragement for the coming of their awaited false “ messiah “. Others do it purely with occult impudence . It is not the American Sign Language sign for “ love . “ Dr. Jeremiah’s heresies are numerous and grievous . I hope to make another DVD revealing some of them . He is a prime example of occultism spread by the ungodly TBN

ministry . It is all but impossible to find a church that has not been infiltrated and largely controlled either overtly or covertly by false brethren in the 21st century .

tom m. said...

John S.

I'm fully aware of all these things and even more - for instance Jeremiah's history of promoting numerous new age pseudo-christian types like Erwin McManus and Sue Monk Kidd (just to mention a couple) along with others like purpose-driver Rick Warren, as well as promoting not only the NKJV but the even more blatantly antichrist 'message' so-called bible - and of course all the various TBN connections. The whole thing is a sickening mass of apostasy. And, getting worse by the day.

Like you say, it is all but impossible to find a church that has not been taken over by the kabbalists.

But that means the bible is true because this is the exact condition, we are told, that the outward professing church would be in at the end of the age of grace.

We are living in the days of the book of Jude:

(4) "For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ" ...and from there goes on to describe them in detail.

We are absolutely there. It is the fully infiltrated church - the final condition of Christendom before the return of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - the Bridegroom for his bride. Judgment will follow and Laodicea will be spued out.

The point is that it will not be stopped. All that can be done is to try to make people aware - and so many just do not care - but for those who will hear [Jude 22-23] give the one and only message which is to 'come out of her my people'.

The good news here is that we are seeing the bible literally come true before our eyes...and in that our faith is strengthened. And we also take great consolation in the fact that the Lord God has "ordained" these men to do the things they are doing...which is to say that they are being done according to his purpose. In that we rest - and do as Jude instructed:

(20) But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost,

(21) Keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.