CA To Keep Quaking Says NWO - And Navy Weapons Test Site At Ground Zero Ridgecrest: And May 2018 CA Mass Relocation 'Quake Drill'

Quakes are part of an ongoing system

CalTech seismologist Lucy Jones said Friday both earthquakes are part of an ongoing sequence of a "very energetic system."

The latest 7.1-magnitude earthquake was the mainshock, while Thursday's 6.4-magnitude quake was a foreshock, according to Jones.

More earthquakes are possible. Newsom said he has activated the state emergency operation center to its highest level.

A US weapons testing facility in Ridgecrest, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake [NAWS], said on its Facebook page that it sustained "infrastructure damage" as a result of Thursday's and Friday's earthquakes.

According to the NAWS China Lake website, the facility is the Navy's largest single landholding, covering more than 1.1 million acres -- an area larger than the state of Rhode Island -- in Kern, San Bernardino and Inyo counties.

Quote above article:
"A US weapons testing facility in Ridgecrest, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake [NAWS] ...sustained 'infrastructure damage' as a result of Thursday's and Friday's earthquakes ...covering more than 1.1 million acres"
More than 1.1 million acres. That is a massive geographic region. A Navy "weapons testing" site it is, it also is in the exact location of the 'epicenter' of the two Ridgequest, CA 'quakes' now making worldwide news. Weapons Test site located at 'Ground Zero' for 4th of July 6.4 and July 5th 7.1 ...?

If that is not as plain of a hidden-in-plain sight tell as ever seen, what then would one look like. Explosive generated, i.e. geoengineered 'earthquakes'... and the testing facility damaged? - of course it would be. Ground zero for underground blasting that would rock all of Southern California, and beyond, - it is going to get 'all shook up' too obviously. It is literally 'ground' ground-zero.

This can only be seen as a plain admission ...definitely in plain sight ...and hidden ...but not hidden.

Burning down CA [link], now blasting it to smithereens with nuke-quakes [it would definitely seem].

And the 'quakes' will keep coming...say they. Of course they will - everything according to script.

Like 4th of July - while Trump does a military parade in D.C., CA gets the 'firepower' demonstration. All fits together perfectly does it not.

Here is the big picture of 'Ongoing Quakes' for CA, this post from just a little more than a year ago [link], a multi-state "Mass Migration" earthquake drill that was held in CA and AZ. Note especially it is not 'mass evacuation' but mass migration. Scenario was the "Big One" hitting CA. Note also, one year later, post-drill, the system is now in place, and practiced. Geoengineering the 'Big One' the only thing needed now to actually do the deed - namely Agenda 21 mass-relocate target areas. Is not what is now occurring the preparatory steps - making the populations ready - even though they are completely totally absolutely unaware that their minds are being programmed. See below - take careful note, follow links (especially Navy admission of testing 'bombquakes'*). Be more than aware, especially CA residents:
Watch Out CA: Mass Evacuation Drill CA Into AZ After 'Big Quake'  May 21-24, 2018  [A21 Population-Relocation]

[5-20-18]  Mass care? What is that? Answer: That is what relocating entire populations to new geographic regions after a massive supposed 'natural disaster' is now being called. "Mass care" - requiring that every conceivable entity, public and private, from federal all the way down to community level, merge into a monolithic command structure [see below]. All of which, i.e. population relocating and interwoven control of everything, is exactly what is called for in the 'official' one-world-government Agenda21 manual. Only thing needed though to make it all actually happen is some sort of 'massive disaster' - like for instance "The Big One" in CA. Perhaps that needed event, geoengineered that would of course be*, is already scheduled, for here now May 21-24, 2018 we see an actual dry-run being held - to prepare for a migrating of CA to AZ:
[5-24 - last day wrap up - must mean the plan will now be ready to go]

2018 Arizona NMCE - National 'Mass Care' Exercise ~ May 21-24

[excerpted quotes below, screenshot from official website:]

Scenario: A catastrophic seismic event occurs in Southern California, resulting in a mass migration/evacuation of several hundred thousand residents out of the state.

See all the cars going bye-bye - that is California 'migrating' to Arizona. "Migrating"
(their language) means no returning. No return is Agenda21 population relocation
Emergencies affecting large populations of people can be complex situations for emergency managers to mitigate. As the threat of a large-scale earthquake in California continues, partnerships between public and private entities become increasingly important to planning and preparing for the effects of future disasters.

The Arizona 2018 National Mass Care Exercise (NMCE) is a Full-Scale Exercise planned for 3.5 days at the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs Emergency Operations Center and various locations throughout the State of Arizona. Participants will represent federal, state, county, tribal, local, non-governmental organizations, and private sector agencies. The Mass Care Exercise provides an opportunity for agencies to test and evaluate various core capabilities under the scenario of a mass migration of residents from Southern California, into Arizona, in the wake of a large magnitude earthquake.

Note: One very interesting thing about this huge unprecedented state-to-state migration 'drill' is that virtually no information has been put out publicizing it. The above is from the event-website put out by the AZ gov, and other than that, one only very brief notice/article could be found anywhere and that from the national NMCE site itself - link. Interstate disaster-migration drills are being kept very hush hush apparently - the sheeple don't need to know this type of thing anyway right - just keep them occupied arguing about nonsense like 'Laurel or Yanny' and their minds will be so numb that they'll never even figure it out until it's too late. The less they know the better... it's just so much easier to pull off the take-over-the-world plan that way don't you see...

*Geo-engineering earthquakes i.e. 'bomb-quakes'? All day everyday nothing to it - see:

Navy To Admit 3.7 Florida 'Earthquake' July 16 Caused By Explosives; And "Fracking" A Cover For 'Bomb-quakes' 7-20-16 "Man made earthquakes i.e. 'bomb-quakes'? - it is a known science..." [scroll down]

see all: earthquake funny-business

Rev. 18:4
Isa. 2:19 'And they shall go into the holes of the rocks, and into the caves of the earth, for fear of the LORD, and for the glory of his majesty, when he ariseth to shake terribly the earth'  [Isaiah 2:19-22]



Cyrus said...


Last night on CNN TV a Cal-Tech/USGS spokeswoman with a huge map explained that the last few large earthquakes have ruptured the fault... and that fault [which continues to have smaller earthquakes] is now moving northwest towards the huge Navy weapons complex at China Lake!

This ongoing earthquake swarm is also near an active volcanic hot spot that is within the Naval Air Weapons complex at China Lake !

Coso Volcanic Field

"The Coso volcanic field is located about 160 km (100 mi) northeast of Bakersfield, California, mainly within the boundary of the Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake. It covers approximately 400 km2(roughly 150 mi2) and is home to one of the largest producers of geothermal power in the U.S., with an output sufficient to supply the needs of 270,000 homes. The geothermal resource fuels the many hot springs, steam vents, and boiling mud pots near the center of the Coso Volcanic Field. "



tom m. said...

Very interesting...

Got the cover-story for massive destruction all ready don't they...

And the whole thing tied into geothermal, volcanoes; on that see:

Geoengineering volcanic eruptions, 'hacking' the geothermal  [short vid]

Linda said...

Trump mulls federal action to intervene on homelessness in cities esp California

Fox News

Published on Jul 2, 2019

Trump on homelessness epidemic on "Tucker Carlson Tonight."

President Trump made several odd claims about homelessness in the US during an interview with Fox News that perplexed CNN reporter Daniel Dale.

Edmonds Lutheran tackles housing crisis head-on with world’s first Blokable village


Just today Trump claims Homelessness started 2 yrs ago on his watch. Then makes a bunch of false claims & demonizes them

Meanwhile my Dem Mayor wants to create a tiny Houseing community for the Homeless
Trump demonizes homeless military veterans as "scum on the street" Does @MilitaryTimes care? #trumpmocks

Trump uses our soldiers as pawns. And he demonizes unarmed, homeless families. Now he is assaulting them with tear gas. His cult members are cool with it.

Jesus has left the building.