4-Yr. Flashback: True Story - U.S. Military Planning For Alien Invasion [4-8-12]; And "Astrotheology"

An attack of the earth by space aliens is a very real possibility announced the U.S. Military back four years ago; note also though last link where "astrotheologian" (say what?) Ted Peters, talking about the same subject but from a different perspective, introduces and explains exactly what is meant by the joining of these two words 'astro' and 'theology'. According to Peters 'theology' must be applied in order to properly understand the issue of 'beings from outer space', and in so doing, far from seeing potential 'space aliens' as "invaders" of the earth - the human race "will need to see the 'visitors' as "the gift of a loving and gracious God". In other words, unknown astro-entities from other dimensions r-ur-friends...they come in peace...bow down to them humans...it's theology. Know about it if/when you hear about it:

Originally posted 4-8-12:

True Story: U.S. Military Planning For "Alien Invasion"

U.S. Military planning for an alien invasion...are they serious? Just as serious as the United Nations, NASA, Penn State, and the NWO controlled media apparently [see links below]. As alien-hype has gotten to this highest possible level over the past year or so, it is now very clear that there is definitely a very real and massive agenda being carried out. As to what exactly that agenda is, there is only one possible way to make sense of it - biblically:

Why? NASA - Penn State Report "Aliens" May Attack Earthlings Because Of 'Global Warming' 8-20-11
"'Green' aliens might object to the environmental damage humans have caused on Earth and wipe us out to save the planet," the report continues" - Space Aliens are real and they may attack the earth. Last week it was MSNBC, this week it is the NASA/Penn State partnership...Aliens real? Why is the NWO Bureau of Propaganda suddenly taking the 'Alien Invasion' theme out of the realm of science 'fiction', where it has always been, and apparently now beginning a full-court press make-over on the theme to get it into the 'non-fiction' category? As ludicrous as this is there has to be a reason...But why? Is it because the would-be global overlords who are masterminding the delusions that John Q. Public is subjected to daily are Luciferian-kabalists...themselves demon-possessed...and that they are attempting to psycho-manipulate the minds of the masses in preparation for the final phases of their Satanic scheme to subdue the earth for the "seed of the serpent" [Gen. 3:14,15], and enthrone their 'god', aka Lucifer, aka the Antichrist, as king of the earth? [see post]

Video: MSNBC Pushes "Alien Invasion" Threat As Real; Global Government The Answer 8-15-11
"Aliens" and global government? As utterly bizarre as this is, the talking heads of the NWO Bureau of Propaganda are actually describing the very thing foretold by the book of Revelation. That is to say...what ultimately will turn out to be a demonic infestation of the earth along with the devil incarnate aka the Antichrist rising to power to establish his 666 global kingdom in an attempt to dominate mankind and usurp control of the planet from God the creator forever. It is written. [see post - video]

Scientists Tell U.N. Earth Must Plan For 'Aliens'; And The Bible 1-11-11 "'Aliens' will in fact appear on the earth one day. But they will not be 'space-aliens', they will be demons from the bottomless pit; see: Rev. 9:2,3,7,8,9,10,11 [note especially vs. 7 "faces of men"]. This is not science fiction but inspired Holy scripture. Apparently though they intend to be passing themselves off as real 'space-aliens'...[and]..."[we] will need to see the 'visitors' as "the gift of a loving and gracious God" according to "astrotheologian" Ted Peters. Surely the demons would appreciate this - it would make it much easier to take possession of the humans, which is by the way their plan. (666 - link)"
No other way to explain it! If you do not believe the Word of God it is time to start. [follow links connect dots]
Matt. 24:4-5 'And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many'


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