Oldest Known Film On Biblical Rapture 1941 "The Rapture" [Video]


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The Rapture (1941)

Charles Octavia Baptista

"Illinois businessman Charles Octavia Baptista produced this film. Baptista became interested in using films as a teaching aide in churches...The focus of the company's work was to produce 16mm films for use in churches and Christian organizations as teaching and evangelism aides and for evangelization among secular audiences.

This information found here: http://www2.wheaton.edu/bgc/archives/GUIDES/225.htm

Rev. 18:4
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1 Thessalonians 5:9 'For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ'


Anonymous said...

The only thing he forgot to include in the video at the end while the music was playing...how to receive the gift of salvation, the gospel of grace found in 1 Cor. 15:1-4. Thanks for posting. Amazing how much has transpired in 78 years. Due to techology, we can now see how the book of Revelation (Jacob's Trouble) is going to play out (for the most part), ie., geoengineering, vaccines, food shortage due to controlled weather, cashless society, 24 hr. surveillance, increased evil and darkness, etc.

Anonymous said...

2 Timothy 4:3-4