12-21 'Dark Winter' Starts Today: Maximum Ordo-Ab-Chao The Plan.. Election Corona -- Kraken 'The Mortals'  [Vid]

Some may not know what is being referred to by title of this post. To explain: Biden at the 2nd 2020 presidential debate 10-22-20 predicted a "dark winter" ahead. He did not originate the phrase just repeated it. Designed to provoke a huge reaction no doubt, which it did. They do like to play their games, part of which is to taunt and flaunt. Knowing this, we do well to note that winter starts today 12-21-20, and it will be winter for the next three months. So here goes - they said it - a three month window no telling what dark schemes are schemed:


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Above video a follow up on this 11-19-20 post/vid:

Sydney Powell Vows To "Clean Up" Biden 'Election-Fraud' - Translate: Get Ready For Ordo-Ab-Chao Dark Winter  "But what about the 'election'? Did Biden really steal it, and if so can Trump stop the fraud... and and and...? Reality of the whole thing could not be more plain. It's all a script people. Always is. Everything. This make-believe election is no different. Gullible John Q. Public is getting played. There is no election. There never was an election. There is only a plan. They are all in on it together. Tag team. One goal only.. would-be zio-kingdom-kome [link]. Note: that is not the USA. The USA is not in that plan. Not hard to understand what that means. And, the 'ZKK' won't build itself now will it? Ordo ab chao is the only way it gets done, and in this case it looks like a "Dark Winter", with, for one, aboslutely crazy election-chaos, is the plan. Gonna get wild in the coming months in other words... seems to be the only way to interpret the things being done and said.." [vid]

Biden on the left, script on the right

Rev. 18:4


Linda said...

Why the COVID-19 pandemic is compared to another disease simulation
The well-known Operation Dark Winter disease simulation was the first of its kind, but it was not the last. Eerily enough, there was another disease simulation in 2019 known as Event 201 that appears to have simulated what America is currently experiencing.

In the Event 201 scenario, an outbreak of a novel coronavirus (a respiratory illness) is transmitted from bats to pigs to humans. The outbreak begins in South America, and from there, it explodes. Air travel brings the coronavirus to the United States. In the scenario, some countries contain it at first only to discover it continues to be reintroduced and spread. Additionally, there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, and experts don’t expect one for a year. In the end, 65 million people die, and there are significant economic consequences globally.

If you think that sounds disconcertingly similar to COVID-19, you are not alone. So many people contacted the Center for Health Security about the wargame simulation predicting COVID-19 that they were forced to release a statement.


Linda said...


Anonymous said...

A dark winter can go shove itself up Biden's rectum. Let's see how his brain works then.