9/11 Cover Up 18 Yrs. Later: 9/11 A Litmus Test [Vid]; "Architects And Engineers" Richard Gage C-SPAN 8-1-14; Pentagon  [Repost From 2014]

Reposted from 9-11-14; hearing a 'preacher' recently spouting the official narrative brought this to mind - the second video that is:
Videos posted for informational purposes without analysis or comment other than this paragraph. Let each analyze for them self. The first video is very recent [8-1-14] and surprised many that it was aired as apparently nothing as clearly presented has gotten this far previously. It's lengthy - but it's history in the making and should definitely be noted. Note especially that the msm talking-head never flinches. It's an absolute pseudo-reality world today. The 2nd video below, "litmus test", is older, coming out in 2008. It's worth viewing as the producer puts an interesting perspective on the world-changing event that was 9/11. It is what it is. Walk in the light - John 8:12. The rest is self-explanatory. Fyi

Youtube: Richard Gage Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth; Fri 01 Aug 2014


Youtube: "It all comes down to 9/11. Everything that has happened has happened based on a lie. Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool. Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder. Everyone- everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test."


Plane? What plane?

Pentagon showing no evidence of any plane having hit. Above is an initial photo after the purported 'impact'. No wreckage, no structural collapse, nothing. The crashing plane has vanished. The collapse of the 'too small for a plane' section shown below [with plane image superimposed] did not happen until some time later...approximately thirty minutes after purported impact.

Rev. 18:4
Habakkuk 2:12 'Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!' [ZNWO]

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