MLB Gone Gay: LA Angels Fallen, Yankees Last Team To Not Hold 'Pride' Night; All Pro Sports Join NY Gay Parade

This post a follow up on: Pro Sports Sodomizing Fans: 23 Major League Baseball Teams Onboard For June 2018 'Pride Nights' 5-10-18 "The New York Yankees and Los Angeles Angels are the only two teams who have never offered a pride night. The Yankees have said they prefer not to do themed nights of any kind, but have supported “organizations that assist lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youths.” The Angels haven’t publicly addressed the matter, but do offer “pride”-themed T-shirts... Regardless, pro-homosexual advocates have bitterly attacked both teams..." [see post]
New York Yankees called out as only MLB team that hasn’t held or announced an LGBTQ Pride Night

[excerpted] "...since Forbes reported that the Los Angeles Angels will hold a Pride Night next June, the Yankees are now the only Major League Baseball team that hasn’t sponsored such an event or announced its intention of doing so.

“Pride Nights are really important to show the LGBTQ community that they are just as welcome as anyone else,” New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson — the first openly gay man to hold that position, CBS News reported.

"The Yankees did not respond to CBS News’ request for comment, but a team spokesman told the Times that while the Yankees have chosen to refrain from holding a gay pride event at Yankee Stadium, there has been involvement “behind the scenes.”"

Major League Baseball entered a float in the NYC Pride March for the first time in the event’s 49-year history, WCBS reported, adding that the MLB joined the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, WNBA, and National Women’s Hockey League there.

The station said Outsports dubbed the NYC Pride March as the “sportiest Pride March ever.”

And Then There Was One

From the 'follow up' post linked at top, the New York Yankees were named along with the Los Angeles Angels as the only two teams to not have surrendered outright i.e. openly to the 'Sodomization of Pro Sports Agenda'. That was just two months back in May of this year. As seen here though the Angels have now fallen - agreeing to get with the dark agenda next June.

Fallen angels promoting sodomy? Sounds like it is straight out of the biblical account of the days just before the destruction of the historical Sodom and Gomorrah. As it was in the days of Lot - Luke 17:28-29

And speaking of the "days of Lot" do not overlook the second gay-nouncement in the above article about the absurd-now-normal reality of every Pro Sports League - MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, WNBA, and National Women’s Hockey League - having a float in this years [6-24-18] NYC Sodom-Pride march. No doubt the Sodom-gang pranced alongside those floats floating giddily while celebrating the sodomite-submission of pro sports - the "sportiest Pride March ever" said the homosexual-mag covering the blinded-prideful event [Malachi 4:1].

Sports fan have to come to terms with it - it's over. To continue holding on to sports fandom is now impossible without becoming a 'naturalized' citizen of Sodom/Gommorah. No way around it.

Something very important to consider also on this i.e. the big picture - which is that it is not going to end well for prideful Sodom: Genesis 19:12-13; Jude 7

Every league every team on the Sodom train full speed ahead unaware that up around the bend the track comes to an abrupt end in a little town called Brimstone. - Gen. 19:24

This situation is a code red. Code red means get off the train now sports fan.

Rev. 18:4
Proverbs 16:5 'Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished'

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