"Show Dogs" Movie Promise To Cut Pedophile Theme Was A Lie - Still Trying To 'Touch' Kids

The article is self-explanatory - briefly - protest had been raised on the movie, the producers pledged to edit out the scenes, the producers lied. The same devils waging war on the alpha male [link] are now waging war on the children of the world to rob their life from them. Worse then Sodom is what they are intending. 2018. Be proactive.
Kids' movie throws 'log on fire' of child sex abuse

Filmmaker Global Road Entertainment has failed – big time – to fulfill its promise to clean up scenes in a children’s movie in which a talking police dog is required to let his genitals be fondled.

Hit by a flood of negative publicity and criticism after its first release, Global Road promised to “recut” the scenes in “Show Dogs,” which critics charged would “groom children to be open to having people touch their privates.”

On Wednesday, however, Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, or NCOSE, pointed out the controversial scenes remain in the second release.

Hawkins said Global Road Entertainment “has betrayed parents and endangered children by its failure to cut scenes normalizing genital touching from its children’s movie.”

She said the public took in good faith Global Road Entertainment’s move to recut “Show Dogs” to make it appropriate for children

Even after undergoing a so-called recut, scenes in which a dog must have his private parts touched remain. In the course of the genital touching, the dog is uncomfortable and wants it to stop but is told to go to a ‘happy place’ because submitting to genital touching is an essential element of winning the dog show,” Hawkins continued. “Later, in a climactic moment at the dog show, the dog submits to genital touching and is rewarded with advancing to the final round of the competition. This achievement is celebrated to the tune of ‘Sexy and I Know It.’
This was the report on that statement from Global Road Entertainment [5-24-18]:

"Distributor Global Road Entertainment said in a statement Wednesday it "decided to remove two scenes from the film 'Show Dogs' that some have deemed not appropriate for children." ... The statement added: "We apologize to anybody who feels the original version of 'Show Dogs' sent an inappropriate message. The revised version of the film will be available for viewing nationwide starting this weekend."" [source]
This post is a follow up on: Pedo Alert: New Kids Movie "Show Dogs" Theme About Letting Their 'Private Parts' Be Touched [5-18-18]

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