NWO Going For It: 'Mandatory Evacuations' For Southern CA Because Of Rain..Er.."Atmospheric River" 3-21-18

Tens of thousands of people being forced from their homes because of rain. This event seems to be barely getting a notice. Since when did "Mandatory (mass) Evacuations" become a 'routine thing'? Due to the recent extremely anomalous so-called "wild"-fires in Northern and Southern CA hundreds-of-thousands of people were subjected to mandatory evacuation of their homes - many never to return, coming back to nothing but literally dust [link1; link2;]. Many others trying to remain facing an ongoing absolute bureaucratic nightmare. Once an area is evacuated - and locked down - anything can happen. Fact is... Agenda21, as it turns out, is exactly what does happen. So now the recent "burn scar" areas* of Southern CA are under mandatory evacuation orders because it is raining. Leave your homes and lives people because it is going to rain...er uh...that is an "atmospheric river" is coming...yeah yeah atmospheric river. Mandatory mandatory...

Evacuations - Agenda21 forced relocations - is there something...

"Atmospheric River’ Triggers Mandatory Evacuations for Parts of Santa Barbara, Ventura and L.A. Counties

A major storm is barreling right toward the fire-scarred regions of Southern California, with a potential to trigger flash flooding, mudslides and significant debris flow.

The heaviest rainfall is expected Wednesday afternoon through Thursday, and officials have already ordered mandatory evacuations in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Los Angeles counties. Up to 1.5 inches of rain have fallen in the burn scar areas since late Tuesday.

Santa Barbara County officials have issued a mandatory evacuation order affecting about 30,000 people in extreme and high-risk debris flow areas ahead of the strongest storm of the season in that region.

Atmospheric rivers are long, narrow channels that transport water vapors outside the tropics. The one that's saturating California is known as the Pineapple Express, because it brings moisture from the tropical Pacific near Hawaii.


On so-called AR's, this repost [excerpts] - from 12-12-14:

"Atmospheric Rivers"...Or Geo-Manipulated Media-Hyped Agenda 21 Transformation Scheme?

Atmospheric rivers? Real or just another invented media-hyped geo-manipulated (as in opening a dam, or making a landslide, or causing a "storm surge" [link]) Agenda21-transformation tool...like the supposed brand-new imminent meteorite-strike threat that John Q. is constantly warned may one day wipe out an entire city [link]? To quote the post below..."how hard is it anyway to make a flood if you control all the waterways and dams?" [*or geo-engineer a landslide] Interesting to note also is that in the aftermath of the "atmospheric river" so called, it is more than probable that many property owners in affected areas will be soon facing new FEMA flood maps now designating their property as high risk 'because another "atmospheric river" can come at any time and may be even worse' - translated meaning prohibitive insurance costs to remain there [see: Sandy/Jersey]. Cui bono? Agenda 21 population relocation plans is the clear winner in this scenario. And how bad is the winter storm really? This is winter after all and storms do happen, perfectly normal and to be expected, but how bad is it really? Answer: It's exactly as bad as the msm script-readers say it is...and everybody knows who pays their salaries...

Scientific American - January 2013
("Rivers in the Sky", the latest dire threat to 'normal human existence' on planet earth)
"Atmospheric rivers (AR) were an unknown commodity until just two or three years ago, but now, utter destruction may be "right around the bend"? Really? Getting the picture yet about "rivers in the sky" would-be micromanaged Agenda21 controllees?"

"...nobody had ever heard of anything like rivers in the sky that can "carry as much water as fifteen Mississippi Rivers" [scientificamerican.com; 12-4-12], but they have now because the NWO Bureau of Propaganda has made sure of it. And not only that, but the country has also been 'educated' to accept as 'scientific fact' that these new animals suddenly are now a 'fact' of life, even though they were never mentioned before. But they are indeed a fact of life now, say the NWO scientists..."

"John Q. Public is essentially now being told that devastating "AR's" can form at any time, to expect them, and when they do come, to be prepared because one of them very likely may wash their town or even city right off the map. As far as doing away with entire geographic areas goes, one thing about the so-called Agenda 21 'global management plan' that is a definitely known truth is the aspect of relocation of entire populations from 'undesignated' to 'designated' living areas [see: A21 and wildlands map]. 'AR' blamed-floods sure would help that goal along."

"There is a new monster on the NWO-horizon, we are being told, capable of bringing major destruction at any given time to either coast of the USA [according to article], and these are being called "Atmospheric Rivers" or "AR's"; which again, we are being told, may produce "Arkstorms" - i.e. potentially apocalyptic "thousand year storms"...Weather manipulation through whatever means aside for the moment, how hard is it anyway to make a flood if you control all the waterways and dams..." [see full post - links]


Be informed.

Rev. 18:4

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Psalms 92:7 'When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever'

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