1-Yr Flashback: 3rd Of 4 False Prophecy 'Blood Moons' 4-4-15 Just Another Dud-Moon

So-called "Blood moons'? How much incredible, unrelenting hype went forth from the propagators of that newly-invented term, Hagee and Biltz, along with the global press agencies, all proving in the end to be pure hoax. A two year long hoax, that is, conducted by falsifying the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures - Rev. 22:18-19. Reposted for review (and for the record):
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'4 Blood Dud Moons' False Prophecy Update: 3rd Eclipse 4/4/15 - Another "Sign" That The World Will Not See

This post a follow up on: 4-Blood-Moons False Prophecy Update: 3-20-15 Total Solar Eclipse "Sign To The World" - That The World Will Not See 3-14-15 "Bible prophecy, according to Hagee and fellow Judaizing-champion Mark Biltz. "God's billboard in the sky" claims Hagee - endtime prophetic signs of the moon being turned to blood and the sun being darkened, fulfilling prophecies from the books of Joel and Acts and Revelation [Joel 2:31; Acts. 2:20; Rev. 6:12], is what they would have the all world believe...This brings up a most amazing thing about [these] incredible "biblical sign[s]"... Wouldn't it seem logical that when in fact the LORD God does actually set these signs in the sky, that all the target groups would in fact be able to see the "signs", so as to 'get the message'. Surely the LORD God Almighty would not foretell in His Word the Holy Bible of such tremendous signs and then limit who could actually see them, would He? Well, perhaps if there was someone like a John Hagee though that could inform everyone of the signs that they cannot see for themselves, and make a huge wall poster, maybe that would work, right? ...Final assessment, in short, in answer to the lead-in question on what is wrong with Hagee's Blood Moons-Solar Eclipse [false prophecy]: everything. Everything is wrong with it. Lunar eclipses that Israel cannot see, and a total solar eclipse next-to-no one in the whole world can see...[see post]
See A 'Blood Moon' In Shortest Lunar Eclipse of the Century 4-4-15 nationalgeographic.com

Western North America will have a front-row seat on Saturday as the full moon gets painted red in the briefest eclipse this century. This weekend's blood moon will be the third of four lunar eclipses, dubbed a tetrad, over the course of two years. The pattern won’t repeat for another 20 years or so.

For early risers in the eastern half of North America, the full moon will be sinking below the western horizon in a quickly brightening dawn sky just as the total eclipse is getting under way...From western South America only the early stages of the eclipse—as Earth’s shadow begins to cover the moon—will be visible.

Meanwhile, eclipse watchers in Asia, India, western China, Russia, Australia, and the Pacific region will get a chance to see the second half of the show. The partial phase of the eclipse unfolds to the east just after local sunset.

Unfortunately, folks in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East will be on the wrong side of the planet when the eclipse is under way.

Illustration showing the very limited viewing range for Hagee/Biltz's so-called "Blood Moon #3" - "God's Billboard
in the Sky" that Israel, as well most of the world, will not see. God's Advertising Dept. needs to be fired apparently;
Full video: SkyCaramba
Related article: "The most dramatic views will arrive at 11:57:54 UT (7:57:54 a.m. EDT / 4:57:54 a.m. PDT), at the start of totality. This is the deepest stage of the eclipse, and will last just four minutes and forty three seconds – the shortest of any eclipse this century – ending as the moon emerges from the eastern edge of Earth’s umbral shadow at 12:02:37 UT (8:02:37 EDT / 5:02:37 PDT). [source]
Two weeks ago [3-20-15] it was a solar eclipse that the world could not see [see 'follow up' above], here now followed up closely with a lunar eclipse that vast majority of the world cannot see. As stated in the above article, and as seen in the above illustration, the vast majority of the world's people will see little to none of "Blood Moon #3". And those relatively few who will have a chance, well it's going to be fast, less than five minutes, so don't blink or you'll miss it too. And that of course is presupposing a clear cloudless night. And shall it not be noted also that this is to be the shortest lunar eclipse of the century. And furthermore, shall it not be noted also that it is not nearly as rare as made out to be by chief (rosh) Judaizers Hagee/Biltz, another tetrad being due in 20 years or so.

And this is supposed to be the wondrous fulfillment of the great bible prophecies of Joel and the Book of Revelation? It does not get any more pathetic than this. But does any of this slow down the "Blood Moon" marketing campaign to delude the entire world into the false Gog-Magog rhetoric? Not for a minute! To the contrary, they just push it all the more. This is evident by noting how the never-before-heard term "blood moon' has now been embedded into the psyche of the populations of the planet - compliments of the ZNWO Global-Bureau of Propaganda (note title of posted article)...

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Rev. 18:4

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