Gender Robbers Gone Wild: New LGBT School Guide Says Eliminate 'Boy, Girl, Mother, Father' From Classrooms

Biggest Gay Lobby Group in America Urges Schools to Ban Words ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’

[excerpted] The biggest gay rights lobby group in the United States has called on schools to eliminate “gender stereotypes” by training staff to avoid using the words “boy” and “girl” in class.

A new back to school guide published by the Human Rights Campaign designed to make classrooms “gender inclusive” urges teachers to “avoid using gender to divide and address students” so as to prevent any transgender students from becoming upset.

Instead of addressing your class using “boys” and “girls,” try something new. Words like “friends,” “students” or “scholars” allow all students to feel included, expand student vocabulary and model inclusive language and behavior for other students and teachers,” states the guide.

Asking students to identify as male or female on paperwork is also vehemently discouraged...The guide also urges schools not to include the words “mother” or “father” on any forms in case someone is offended.

The guide also advises teachers not to restrict certain activities to one gender, for example by encouraging boys to take part in girls’ dance lessons.

According to CNN, the HRC boasts 700,000 members, making it the largest LGBT lobby group in the country.

The robbing of the next generation of their gender identity is not without a definite purpose. The would-be global slave-masters do want all their slaves pressed out of the same mold. Much more controllable that way. That alone, and nothing else, is the real reason for the 'transgender mania' the world is now being subjected to. Be informed, educate and deprogram your boys and girls, because this thing is not going away.

Not until 'kingdom come' that is [link].

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