Duck Dynasty Homosexual Controversy A Reality-TV Dialectic Psy-Op

'Duck Dynasty' and 'Storage Wars' Role Play Graphic Homosexual Dialectic On National Stage

If it plays to the agenda - without any doubt, it is scripted. This Duck Dynasty so-called controversy is playing to the agenda as perfectly as anything ever could. It is a 'homosexual-acts' desensitization psy-op of the first order. It is a no-free-speech object lesson for John Q. Public. It is also, although still at this point early in it's development, a national role-playing demonstration of a "christian" coming-to-understand not-to-judge homosexuality. This language has already begun with Duck Dynasty man giving an explanation along the lines of 'no-intent to hurt anybody'. That rhetoric will soon morph into a message about 'christians' needing to accept what-they-don't-understand and just go along with the program out of 'love', etc. etc. - just like Duck Dynasty man is about to show everybody how to do, especially 'professing christians' like himself, as the rest of this scripted (pseudo) reality-TV production plays out. Watch and see. Reality-TV comes from Hollywood doesn't it?

Mandela Sign Language Guy Was A Message From NWO:
Everything You Are Told Is 'Gibberish'
This particular reality-TV script is taking things to a whole new level of homosexual-propaganda though - never before seen - as a means to, as stated above, conduct a 'homosexual-acts' desensitization exercise in the national (and international) media. That is, as an exercise to desensitize the masses to the actual act itself. This started with Duck Dynasty reality-TV man's widely publicized comments on the desirability of female anatomy versus male anatomy being broadcast far and wide for all to hear. Language too graphic to repeat. Surely it is true to say that these types of things have never before been a topic for national discussion. Well guess what, they are now. The door was just opened for everyone to weigh in with their own opinion on the subject. Here again, it is the Hegelian dialectic, where all "opinions" are to be validated. All that is required is a 'conversation starter' to get the process going. That is what this Duck Dynasty script is for. It has started the 'conversation'.

So crude is the subject matter here though, there is a great aversion to even deal with it, but, unfortunately, as crude as it is, it needs to be addressed because it is already getting worse. Article below is the "worse", and comes with an 'extreme crudeness' warning [some of the actual wording has been censored] - but it needs to be noted to understand where the NWO Bureau of Propaganda is going with this dialectic - so as to not to be an unwitting victim of their dark mind-changing psychological kabalism:

'Storage Wars' Stars -- 'Duck Dynasty' Hater Is MISSING OUT On Man A**

An openly gay couple on A&E's "Storage Wars: New York" is NOT offended by the homophobic comments made by fellow A&E'er and "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson -- telling TMZ, they just feel bad for him ... because man a** beats [female anatomy] any day of the week.

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton tell us, "We could give a s**t what he thinks ... [man ***] is tighter."

As we reported, Phil [Duck Dynasty man] talked about how a [female anatomy] is more desirable than a man's ***, and how homosexuality and bestiality are the same sin.

This is how it is done: Duck-man gives his spiel to a national magazine, the opposing side, in this instance real-life homosexuals and 'Storage Wars' reality-TV actors, now have their scene in the production where they 'respond' to Duck Dynasty man with their opposing "opinion", as related in article above. And just like that, sodomy is now being glorified on a national stage - and graphic descriptions of homosexual-acts, intended obviously for desensitization purposes first and validating second, are heard matter-of-fact by all. And the 'conversation' is on...

Real event? Or homosexual psy-op gibberish? If it plays to the agenda, and especially if it comes out of Hollywood...the question is answered.
 Rev. 18:4
Isaiah 60:2 'For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people'

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Anonymous said...

Yes, this is exactly what is going on (not to mention the other false doctrines of the Duck Dynasty crowd that people will be led to, which I actually got so upset about, that I started a blog about it).

Homosexuality is a sin. But this is not just happening to say that simple fact. This is a dialectic being played out, to desensitize the public in terms of hearing these things, the graphic nature of the conversation, is right out in the public. Children also watch that program, and now they too will be confronted with the explicit speech and the dialectic.