Transformation USA In Full Swing: 10-13-13 Chicago Marathon Goes Full Blown Police State

This post is a follow up on: Boston Marathon 'Chaos' Cui Bono - Is It Even A Question? 4-16-13 "Who and why? Is it really even a question anymore? Same as always - ordo ab chao. Does anybody still not get it? In the same way the scripted "underwear bomber" production a few years back changed forever how the world travels, this one will change how the world moves about in society. Think TSA and VIPR to start appearing everywhere - perhaps gradually - rolling out at all 'soft-targets'. How gradual who can say but that it will begin to happen you can just about guarantee...due to the 'new threat' [see post]
Chicago Marathon featured warrantless bag searches along 26-mile track, unprecedented security policestateusa.com

[excerpted] CHICAGO, IL — Continuing the trend of mass-suspension of the 4th amendment at every possible event, police searched the bags of anyone they chose along the 26-mile track of the annual Chicago Marathon.

At the annual race on Sunday, October 13th, a legion of police officers lined the streets. Chicago Police sent more than 1,000 officers to the race; some wearing conspicuous yellow vests, others infiltrating the crowd in plain clothes. FBI agents wearing military fatigues held a visible presence throughout the track, along with federal ATF agents and U.S. Marshals carrying rifles. DHS agents littered the scene performing searches with dogs.

Department of Homeland Security designated the marathon a “Level Two” event, justifying the massive presence of federal agents at the race. Near the intersection of Michigan and Jackson, a giant Emergency Alert System banner read “EAS: Alert Level Low.”

“Everywhere you look there’s about 20 officers at the corner, about 14 helicopters in the air,” said Amie Byrne...Grant Park was locked down with checkpoints and suspicionless bag searches. To add to the security theater, the race banned costumes for participants and only allowed runners to carry clear plastic baggies.

Barriers and fencing were erected in many places, a notable difference from years past. “(Now) you can’t run out and say, ‘Hi,’” commented one onlooker. Unlike in the past, when police have looked the other way, no one was allowed to help a marathoner finish the run in the last mile or two.

"The Chicago Police Department’s forward command post near the finish line was complete with a bank of video feeds providing real time views of an urban racecourse. It’s one of six operational centers where dozens of police officers were monitoring a video network capable of calling up pictures from as many as 22,000 cameras, most of them fixed, some of them temporarily set up for the marathon. Ground level to building tops, they were all watching an event that had only very minor distractions. (Source: ABC 7 News)"

The bag searches weren’t confined to the restricted starting-line and finish-line. Police were instructed to perform “random” searches of spectators’ bags along the entire 26.2-mile track, where more than a million people gather annually to watch the race.

Some remarked about how tight that ratchet of security was starting to feel...“I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and I’ve ran a lot of half marathons. There’s always security, but it’s never been this intense,” Jessica Vitale said. [full article at link]

See also: Boston Ordo Ab Chao: "Domestic Terror Protection" Mode At Kentucky Derby 5-3-13 "...a 'new order' is being introduced. It is a direct result of the 'chaos' in Boston. This is why they call it 'ordo ab chao'. The new order is a dictatorial police state. It is no longer 'coming', it is here. [see post]

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While on the subject of the Boston name game, another would be: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev = (da) jokers are naive

Does anybody still not get it?
 Rev. 18:4
Psalms 2:2 'The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed...' [conspiracy...against Christ Jesus]

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