Battlefield America Propaganda Begins: 'Louisana Lawmaker' Calls For Military Because "We Are At Urban Warfare"

Follow up on: Obviously Controlled US Senators 'Shred' Constitution, Vote 93-7 To Strip All Rights of Americans 12-2-11 "[it] is the creation of the new paradigm of the idea of America now being a battlefield...[this] idea will not be allowed to go away" [see post]
Right on cue, the NWO Bureau of Propaganda's new "Battlefield America" paradigm gets some air time with a statement coming from Louisiana calling for soldiers because "we are at war":

Lawmaker wants martial law In Louisana because "we are at urban warfare"
State lawmaker Austin Badon Jr., who represents part of Orleans Parish, said crime is spiraling out of control and wants the government to step and help control the violence..."Everybody's afraid," Badon said. "The bad guys are running the city right now. We gotta take this city back."...Badon contacted Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's office Monday. Jindal's office said Badon was told that such a request would have to come from the New Orleans mayor.

2:40 "...we are at war and when you are at war you have to bring in soldiers"
3:02 "we are at urban warfare right now"
3:45 "we have to take our streets back...we are at war...and these soldiers can come in..."
5:00 "we have the super bowl coming up, major sporting events coming up...if we don't get a hold of this crime problem..."
It is not hard to see where this is going. 2Thes. 1:7-8

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