Hell Taught In The Gospels; J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

Prov. 15:24 'The Way Of Life Is Above To The Wise, That He May Depart From Hell Beneath'

Settle it firmly in your mind, that the Lord Jesus Christ Himself has spoken most plainly about the reality and eternity of Hell. The parable of the rich man and Lazarus contains things which should make men tremble! But it does not stand alone. No lips have used so many words to express the awfulness of Hell — as the lips of Him who spake as "never man spake" [John 7:46]:

Hell [Matt. 10:28],
Hell-fire [Mark 9:47],
the damnation of Hell [Matt. 23:33],
eternal damnation [Mark 3:29],
the resurrection of damnation [John 5:29],
everlasting fire [Matt. 25:41],
the place of torment [Luke 16:28],
destruction [Matt. 7:13],
outer darkness [Matt. 25:30],
the worm that dieth not - the fire that is not quenched [Mark 9:44,46,48],
the place of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth [Matt 13:50; 24:51],
everlasting punishment [Matt. 25:46]

— these are the words which the Lord Jesus Christ Himself employs!

Away with the miserable nonsense which people talk of in this day, who tell us that the ministers of the gospel should never speak of Hell! They only show their own ignorance, or their own dishonesty — when they babble in such a manner! No person can honestly read the four Gospels, and fail to see that those who would follow the example of Christ, must speak of Hell!

Be ye wise therefore and "depart from hell beneath" - travel the narrow way that is "above". See: "The Heavenly Footman" by John Bunyan; 1698

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