Napolitano At Montreal Aviation Conference Lays Out Plan For 'Global Security'

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - 09/28/10) - The 37th Session of the ICAO Assembly, representing 190 Member States, began its deliberations today on ways to substantially improve the safety, the security and the environmental sustainability of the global air transport system. The Assembly runs until 8 October.
An important step in that direction was taken on the first day of the Assembly with the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation among ICAO, the United States Department of Transportation, the European Commission and the International Air Transport Association to create a Global Safety Information Exchange in order to reduce the risk of accidents worldwide.
The Assembly will also be reviewing a comprehensive security strategy to update a global security plan of action put in place after the events of 11 September 2001.
A proposal to build upon a Programme of Action on International Aviation and Climate Change adopted by ICAO Member States in 2009 will be the focus of discussions concerning efforts to mitigate the impact of aviation on the environment.
Janet Napolitano spoke at the conference today:

A global strategy for air security [excerpts of Napolitano' speech at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)]

"Nine months ago, a passenger tried to ignite an explosive device on a flight from Europe to Detroit on Christmas Day -- delivering a stark reminder that terrorists were still seeking to attack our country.

[yeah, yeah...and so]

We hope the international community will advance three key elements of reform:

• Enhancements to the security standards to which all member countries adhere, including improvements like screening for *nonmetallic threat items and bomb components.

• A joint Declaration on Aviation Security to commit the nations of the world to strengthening global aviation security.

• A new security framework within ICAO to drive global security strategy for the next six years. This includes developing and deploying new security technologies, and improving international coordination and technical assistance."
[*naked scanners]
This post is an update on: Scripted Plane Incident Used As Pretext For NWO Internationally Coordinated Air Travel 'Security' System 1-1-10 "Do not forget for one minute that the 'global citizens' of the future will have absolutely no rights to come and go as they please in the micromanaged 'brave new world' being constructed for them. They will be owned like property and treated as such. The international tracking system to establish this control is now being hardwired as we speak. [see post]
Woop, there it is. The Big Brother global control network is wired and is about to be energized. Made possible because of the fake 'underwear bomber' scam. The global dictatorship is closing in fast. fyi

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