Are you praying, Christian?

From Richard Wurmbrand: "If that were Christ, would you give him your blanket?" (stories from the underground church in communist countries...e.g. China, korea, Yugoslavia, Russia, [1960's])
The Christian Ketchik had been converted late in his life. He lived on a small pension. His wife did not share his Christian faith.
One day, Ketchik was found at a secret prayer-meeting and compelled to pay, as a fine, his income for two months. He came back from court happy, and told his wife, 'Now you see that I was right telling you the great worth of prayer. You did not believe me. But look here —the sentence. The Communists know the value of prayer. Even in their eyes a prayer has the value of two months' pension. If it is of such high price, from now on I will never miss a prayer-meeting.' He was fined three times during one year. He lost his income for half a year. But he learned the truth of what Augustine said: 'Prayer is the strength of Christians and the weakness of God.'
This is another of the many happenings in the life of the Underground Church.
Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

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